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Immersing children in technology in school as much as they are immersed at home is one key to expand educational opportunities for students, parents and the school community.
EA's 360 line up brings the innovation of our creative development teams to players around the world, immersing them in deep, connected game play experiences that truly signal the arrival of a new era of digital entertainment.
Standing in front of the Xbox 360 camera, gamers will interface with games using natural full body gestures, while immersing their real time image into the game.
The at-dock condition is simulated by immersing the painted cylinder in artificial seawater, in a static holding tank; the moving ship is simulated by rotating the test cylinders at 60 rpm in smaller dynamic measurement tanks, containing measuring tanks is analyzed for the active ingredients.
To make the list shows superior innovation and accomplishment, and acknowledges the invaluable experience students can gain by immersing themselves in the entrepreneurial process.
LanguagePro provides an opportunity for employees to effectively build and maintain important language skills by immersing themselves in a foreign language.
In a game where visual elements such as motion, color and special effects are not the main source of stimuli, audio effects are crucial to immersing players in the game's environment," said John Blakely.