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Initially, everyone was under the impression that the youth accidentally drowned while immersing the Ganesh idol and registered a routine case of accident.
It is probably most important to Orthodox Jews, but some others use it for nontraditional reasons, immersing themselves before or after surgery or after a divorce.
Alternatively, the fluid can be raised to the start temperature prior to immersing the sample.
But after years of immersing himself in information about the artist and painting by the Pollock method - jumping around canvases stretched out on a floor, daubing paint on directly from tubes and cans - he decided, about a year before filming finally commenced, to take the plunge.
National Laboratory says it has ended negotiations with them for collaborative tests of the claims by Pons and British co-worker Martin Fleischmann of triggering energy-releasing, nuclear-fusion reactions at room temperature by immersing palladium rods in heavy water.
Coordinated by the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) and the Javits-Wagner-O'Day (JWOD) program, NEDC fuels student enthusiasm in engineering by immersing them in real-world challenges that people with disabilities face every day.