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The tensile strength of NBR and ENR-50 were found to increase over the immersion period, which was illustrated by the retention exceeding 100%, in ASTM No.
The retention of tensile strength for both rubbers decreased with immersion time stabilizing at approximately 82% and 68% for ENR-50 and NBR, respectively.
Immersion, the Immersion logo, and VibeTonz are trademarks of Immersion Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Immersion provides options to help make programming fast and easy including a Windows ActiveX control, a cross-platform API in source code form, and support for custom interfaces.
Immersion offers an integration kit, including TouchSense components and detailed guidelines, to support efficient integration into production-ready designs.
The new XT:1900i is based on previous generations of immersion technology proven on systems installed at customer sites worldwide.
Immersion also offers engineering services to implement the technology within a particular console system.
To take advantage of the new capabilities, Immersion supplies effect creation and programming tools, Immersion Studio(R) for Gaming SDK, that let developers quickly mock up and edit a graphical representation of the effect, preview the effect on the controller, and store it as a file.
Samsung's new SCH-a930 is a very impressive handset, and our VibeTonz System contributes to its appeal," said Immersion CEO Vic Viegas.
Under the terms of the license, the eDimensional G-Pad Pro product line featuring vibration feedback will now bear the Immersion Feel The Game(TM) TouchSense(R) Technology logo.
Her extensive experience in several of our key growth areas -- telecommunications, electronic components, and touchscreens -- complements and strengthens the board's expertise," said Vic Viegas, Immersion director, president, and CEO.
Electro Source will make royalty payments to Immersion based on sales by Electro Source of spinning mass vibro-tactile gamepads, steering wheels, and other game controllers for dedicated gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation and PlayStation2, the Nintendo GameCube, and the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360, in addition to certain other remuneration.