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BURNT OUT: The immersion heater where fire started at the Coach and Horses, inset
Solar24 works in all homes with an immersion heater, with prices starting from [pounds sterling]250.
This saving would be even greater if you use an electrical immersion heater.
THE Health and Safety Executive advise householders with hot water systems which are more than 10 years old with an immersion heater and a plastic cold water storage tank in the loft to fit a safety cut-out device independent of the immersion heater thermostat and to ensure the loft tank is well supported.
The couple think the fire was started by an immersion heater.
Included within the catalog are tables and suggestions for liquid heating applications and corrosion guidelines for chemical solutions and immersion heater or tank/vessel materials.
You can only really reduce temperatures in hot water cylinders where the water is heated by an immersion heater.
One very useful plumbing tool is an immersion heater spanner and is the only tool you can use for unscrewing an immersion heater if you are fitting a replacement.
Tenders invited for Industrial immersion heater withisi mark (ss sheathed and mgofilled) suitable for use in riceboiler as per specification below.
The court heard a screw fixing up plasterboard had gone through a cable, hitting earth and live wires powering an immersion heater.
The fire started when towels were left drying over an upstairs immersion heater.
Our fire used to heat all the hot water, in the late fifties we had an immersion heater fitted; what luxury, instant hot water.