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If the scale is allowed to build up it can reduce the effective size of the hot water pipes, the efficiency of water heaters and lead to early failure of boilers and immersion heaters.
Identification: On the product: The immersion heater bears a label with the UL Mark for the United States and Canada and the following:
FATHER AND SON Nick, right, and his late father Geoff RECYCLED A copper rose water feature made from an old immersion heater in the reclaimed garden at Barnsdale
ICON: Geoff Hamilton, presenter of the BBC2 series Gardeners''World, right, and, above, his son, Nick PEACEFUL: copper rose water feature made from an old immersion heater in the reclaimed garden and, right, the cottage garden at Barnsdale
Alarmist The dead immersion heater and weeping washing machine are very small beer compared to the household 'problem' that befell us last weekend.
An electrical fault on the immersion heater had sparked the blaze.
The places to look out for this are the heating elements of washing machines and dishwashers and the insides of electrically-heated immersion heaters, instantaneous water heaters and electric showers.
Asked how the team had made its savings team co-ordinator Diana Berriman said: "It's just a case of applying the usual top tips - not leaving items on standby mode, turning off the lights, using the tumble drier less, only using the immersion heater when it is needed.
Name of Product: Immersion Heater, Part Numbers TMP-IMM-1776 and TMP-IMM-2479
8221; He added, “From spring to autumn we plan to turn off the central heating boiler altogether and use solar power to work the immersion heater at zero cost.
The fire started when towels were left drying over an upstairs immersion heater.
Now I know the constant hissing isn't a problem with the immersion heater.