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Almost every poem consisting of precepts is so far arbitrary and immethodical, that many of the paragraphs may change places with no apparent inconvenience; for of two or more positions, depending upon some remote and general principle, there is seldom any cogent reason why one should precede the other.
Christensen's book takes a positive delight in a Coleridge who is fragmentary, mobile, eccentric, immethodical, and peripheral, and this extract amply demonstrates Christensen's critical approach to his subject.
Enlightenment rationalism is surely dismissed out of hand in his essay on "Imperfect Sympathies" where he rejects "Caledonian" rationalists in favor of their immethodical opposites.
1) Thomas McFarland, "So Immethodical a Miscellany: Coleridge's Literary Life," MP 93 (1985-86): 406.
This recognition stands behind the admission that the Biographia is immethodical, and it informs what Coleridge wrote in the Prospectus of The Friend: