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The entrance into a country of foreigners for purposes of permanent residence. The correlative term emigration denotes the act of such persons in leaving their former country.




noun admission of foreigners, change of national location, colonization, entry of aliens, establishment of foreign residence, expatriation, forrign influx, incoming population, ingress, migration, movement of population, transmigration
Associated concepts: issuance of visas
See also: entrance, entry, inflow

IMMIGRATION. The removing into one place from another. It differs from emigration, which is the moving from one place into another. Vide Emigration.

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Instead of focusing on ending it, he is calling on French Jews to immigrate to Israel only to 'become oppressors' of the Palestinians.
We speculate that individuals who immigrate during late adolescence or early adulthood are unlikely to be targeted for sex and reproductive health education, and thus may be less likely than earlier arrivers to have accurate knowledge of condoms or approve of condom use.
After the Second World War, France expanded its labor force by allowing intact polygamous families to immigrate from Africa and the Middle East.
Malibu, CA -- Catholic teaching says that there is a right to emigrate, and, therefore, to immigrate.
Did your favorite uncle immigrate from Poland or Lithuania?
Of course, most gay and lesbian Latin Americans immigrate here for the same reasons straight Latinos do: jobs, education, and family and friends.
Toronto--From 1885 to 1923, the Canadian government imposed a Head Tax on Chinese people attempting to immigrate to Canada.
The upheavals of global political events are brought into play by examining how they influenced various ethnicities' decisions to immigrate to America.
Our data suggest that if you immigrate as an adolescent or young adult with a good grasp of Spanish, an English-immersion program will accelerate new-language learning and won't damage Spanish knowledge," asserts Harry P.

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