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outset that some, such as the treatment of imminence and the nature of
He said: "I've visited Cleveland Potash twice in my first six months as the local MP, and in detailed conversations with then managing director Marc Kirsten I received no warning of either the scale or the imminence of the job losses.
The court's discussion of the independent actions of third parties also revealed that the court might consider other factors relevant to assessing the imminence of the future harm.
From the assumption that companies can predict the imminence of a reclassification of the rating issued by an agency, Kisgen (2006, 2009), using data from companies from the United States of America (USA), concluded that those with imminent reclassification of the credit rating tend to use fewer debts than companies without imminent of a reclassification.
The imminence with which they expected the country to crumble into anarchy and ruin suggested they thought he'd become Prime Minister overnight, or that he was guaranteed to win the next General Election within a matter of weeks.
Divided into five subconcepts, the exhibition presents the image of a woman as a lover, a mother, a person of imminence, a deity, and the nude.
With the addition of the Dubai Programme for Writing, the imminence of a rich yield from the Emirati literary soil has just announced itself.
Johannesburg, Feb 19 ( ANI ): Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki has said that she was inspired by the imminence of her wedding to golf star fiancee Rory McIlroy after beating Wimbledon finalist Sabine Lisicki in the first round of the Dubai Open.
On "imminence" and the next government "What gets me even more is what I believe to be the root cause of the problem: poor reporting.
policymakers raising "serious moral questions" regarding the use of drones and targeted killings, including concerns related to discrimination, imminence of threat, proportionality, and probability of success.
US district judge in Manhattan, John Koeltl, said the bank was not required to disclose the alleged imminence of the AIG lawsuit, or the scope of potential losses, because the news was not materially different from previously disclosed information.
view of anticipatory self-defense, hostile intent, and imminence as they relate to the use of force in a COIN environment, and have negatively shaped the use of force in self-defense, creating greater accompanying risks.