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He covers the doctrine of self-defense and its limits in criminal law, the laws of war and the roots of international self-defense, a critique of the prevention of war doctrine from sovereignty to unilateralism, and the role and rationale of the imminence requirement in national and international law.
Yesterday, though, City economists remained overwhelmingly convinced that an increase tomorrow remains highly unlikely - although the Bank has insisted that it would not be deterred by the imminence of a General Election.
Mr Davis told journalists he accepted that the Government had to have anti-terror legislation in place, particularly given the imminence of the general election campaign.
Nichols founded the Mission in Oregon after the Civil War and was responsible for its signature beliefs: the imminence of Christ's return, the bodily resurrection of the prophet Elijah, a denial of the personhood of the Holy Spirit, and a denial of hell in favor of annihilation for the wicked.
Rather than seeing opportunity for witness and hope for vindication by God's hand, some in Thessalonica seemed to believe that the imminence of the end-times meant that it was time for a party.
It is [critics' and historians'] job to produce a rationale for their verdicts, with the imminence of another verdict to be rendered in their own case, of which they must know they run the risk.
Julian Jackson on bass and Mike Strange on drums complemented Cullam well and brought cheer to an audience that was a little sombre due, I suspect, to the imminence of war.
Agent of imminence, voice provides the impetus for clarity, articulating dissatisfaction with old words and welcoming as refuge the new.
Life had made him what he was, and the imminence of death wasn't going to change him.
It's amazing how the imminence of leaving puts things into perspective.
Moreover, currency traders who have entered into the market early can push the collapse forward by making public statements about its imminence, giving interviews to The Wall Street Journal and intensifying the strong influence that perception has upon price.
But with the imminence of a possible resolution to a public controversy that has raged for more than twenty years, a disconcerting but undeniable fact has come to light.