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Looking at the demographic data in Professor Clark's work, and based on what we know about similarities between Wales and Scotland there is little to suggest that imminence of death in hospitals in Wales will be significantly different.
The court's discussion of the independent actions of third parties also revealed that the court might consider other factors relevant to assessing the imminence of the future harm.
From the assumption that companies can predict the imminence of a reclassification of the rating issued by an agency, Kisgen (2006, 2009), using data from companies from the United States of America (USA), concluded that those with imminent reclassification of the credit rating tend to use fewer debts than companies without imminent of a reclassification.
view of anticipatory self-defense, hostile intent, and imminence as they relate to the use of force in a COIN environment, and have negatively shaped the use of force in self-defense, creating greater accompanying risks.
But apparently in practice the administration has a broader view on what constitutes the imminence of a threat.
The Bank of Canada occasionally provides guidance in normal times to give a sense of the imminence and degree of prospective policy action, and the important economic and financial factors influencing policy, the Governor said.
The EU will also create an early warning mechanism to help detect the imminence of a migratory crisis in one of its member states.
The context is that the Berlin Wall is 20 years in the dust, and the quick integration of post-Soviet Russia into a Greater Europe displays no sign of imminence.
The newfound assertiveness of the pharmacy industry is peaking with the imminence of the presidential election.
On the other hand Quakers, including Hester Biddle, were interpreting the violence aimed at themselves as being a harbinger of the imminence of the apocalypse.
Expanded notions of imminence, flexibly and broadly defined, married with increasing reliance on sleek new technology, lie at the heart of re-conceptions of proportionality capacious enough to encompass nearly all targeting decisions.
These reports indicate that Israeli officials unwarrantedly and under erroneous and false presumptions on Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, threaten the use of force against the Islamic Republic of Iran by signaling the imminence of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities," he said.