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Impending; menacingly close at hand; threatening.

Imminent peril, for example, is danger that is certain, immediate, and impending, such as the type an individual might be in as a result of a serious illness or accident. The chance of the individual dying would be highly probable in such situation, as opposed to remote or contingent. For a gift causa mortis (Latin for "in anticipation of death") to be effective, the donor must be in imminent peril and must die as a result of it.


adjective about to be, about to happen, alarming, approaching, at hand, brewing, closing in, destined, drawing near, expected, following, forthcoming, future, imminere, impendent, impending, in store, in the offing, in the wind, in view, instant, likely to happen, looming, menacing, minatory, near, near at hand, nearing, next, ominous, on the way, oncoming, overhanging, portentous, praesens, predicted, prospective, threatening, threatening harm, upcoming
Associated concepts: imminent danger, imminent irreparaale harm, imminent peril
See also: close, forthcoming, future, inescapable, inevitable, instant, near, necessary, prospective, proximate
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The Fox, seeing imminent danger, approached the Lion and promised to contrive for him the capture of the Ass if the Lion would pledge his word not to harm the Fox.
I thought him a trifle excited, which surprised me, for he had a reputation for exceptional coolness, even in moments of sudden and imminent peril.
The people ceased work by hundreds of thousands and fled to the mountains, there to await the imminent coming of God and the rising of the hundred and forty and four thousand to heaven.
A sanguinary encounter seemed daily imminent between the two parties in the streets of Baltimore.
On the second day of her hunting, as she was returning from the chase, and was arrived within a little distance from Mr Western's house, her horse, whose mettlesome spirit required a better rider, fell suddenly to prancing and capering in such a manner that she was in the most imminent peril of falling.
There is another pump room, into which infirm ladies and gentlemen are wheeled, in such an astonishing variety of chairs and chaises, that any adventurous individual who goes in with the regular number of toes, is in imminent danger of coming out without them; and there is a third, into which the quiet people go, for it is less noisy than either.
Till then, at least, he was free and must do something for himself, for the danger was imminent.
And, in the view of the government, there's more than one meaning for imminent, it turns out.
Fleeing Subject: Deadly force may be used to prevent the escape of a fleeing subject if there is probable cause to believe: 1) The subject has committed a felony involving the infliction or threatened infliction of serious physical injury or death, and 2) the subject's escape would pose an imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to the agents or other persons.
species listed as "endangered" (facing imminent extinction) or "threatened" (likely to become endangered soon).
9 billion of total debt, although this amount excludes the imminent drawdown on AMD's Eur700 million (approximately US$890 million) Fab 36 Term Loan due 2011.