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Precocious young Neville in The Waves hears of a murder in the apple orchard and recounts freezing on the staircase, immobilized by the image of an "immitigable tree": "There were the floating, pale-grey clouds; and the immitigable tree; the implacable tree with its greaved silver bark.
The Appropriate Assessment states that the project in its section between Dupnitsa and Blagoevgrad has significant immitigable impacts for the Natura 2000 site Kocherinovo (BG0002099).
However, in the instance of immitigable socioeconomic demands for development, notes Janabi, there are a range of deployable measures, including the temporary relocation of mangrove trees, and the erection of pre-fabricated siltscreens that block contaminants from reaching the roots of the trees.
"If you can't freely transfer international exchangeable currencies through the banking system, then you will have to find immitigable ways to do it alternatively," added Mr Kesterton.
Irrespective of our wrongly placed priorities (and passionately sustained craving to re-channel and discourage, to derail and denounce any serious debate, far too often by hiding behind a superficial entertainment), of our obscure and encouraged greed and incompetence, of all our residual ignorance and arrogance, and of our paramount and loud anti-intellectualism, the real facts are immitigable and are inexorably defeating:
Last summer, the agency's review panel report stated that Taseko Mines Ltd.'s proposed Prosperity mine would have devastating and immitigable impacts on fisheries and wildlife and on existing and future First Nations rights.
And it is intolerable because its continuation burdens its possessors with an immitigable sense of tedium that follows naturally from their realization that they are condemned always to remain themselves, forever denied the radical self-effacement of death.
However he might want to negotiate with it, redefine it, ignore it, gloss it over, or cover it up, nature always wins, and his nature consigns him to open, immitigable depravity.
He was intent on an audacious, immitigable, and supernatural revenge.
For the reincarnation of his donnee, he may have finally found temporary or permanent jobs for his various ready-made pre-stocked minor characters, particularly his female ones, which for James, are indeed so indispensable as "immitigable womankind " (Gard 331) for his narrative as the abstractions, intangibles, and deictic pronouns that he so much relies on.
More recent studies, though, have challenged the idea that an Elizabethan audience necessarily looked upon the play's bloody spectacle through simplistic anti-Catholic eyes--and have questioned, as well, the notion that the Guise is a figure of immitigable evil.
And he uses fiction--far better than his critics use theory--to explain the tangle of living and writing and desire when young Bayard Sartoris ponders his stepmother's seductive wiles in The Unvanquished (1938): "I thought then of the woman of thirty, the symbol of the ancient and eternal Snake and of the men who have written of her, and I realised then the immitigable chasm between all life and all print--that those who can, do, those who cannot and suffer enough because they cant, write about it" (228).