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Irrespective of our wrongly placed priorities (and passionately sustained craving to re-channel and discourage, to derail and denounce any serious debate, far too often by hiding behind a superficial entertainment), of our obscure and encouraged greed and incompetence, of all our residual ignorance and arrogance, and of our paramount and loud anti-intellectualism, the real facts are immitigable and are inexorably defeating:
s proposed Prosperity mine would have devastating and immitigable impacts on fisheries and wildlife and on existing and future First Nations rights.
And it is intolerable because its continuation burdens its possessors with an immitigable sense of tedium that follows naturally from their realization that they are condemned always to remain themselves, forever denied the radical self-effacement of death.
However he might want to negotiate with it, redefine it, ignore it, gloss it over, or cover it up, nature always wins, and his nature consigns him to open, immitigable depravity.
He was intent on an audacious, immitigable, and supernatural revenge.
More recent studies, though, have challenged the idea that an Elizabethan audience necessarily looked upon the play's bloody spectacle through simplistic anti-Catholic eyes--and have questioned, as well, the notion that the Guise is a figure of immitigable evil.
And he uses fiction--far better than his critics use theory--to explain the tangle of living and writing and desire when young Bayard Sartoris ponders his stepmother's seductive wiles in The Unvanquished (1938): "I thought then of the woman of thirty, the symbol of the ancient and eternal Snake and of the men who have written of her, and I realised then the immitigable chasm between all life and all print--that those who can, do, those who cannot and suffer enough because they cant, write about it" (228).
Noon is the conqueror,--not a spray, nor leaf, Nor herb, nor blossom but has rendered up Its morning dew; the valley seemed one cup Of cloud-smoke, but the vapour's reign was brief, Sun-smitten, see, it hangs, the filmy haze-- Grey-garmenting the herbless mountain-side, To soothe the day's sharp glare: while far and wide Above unclouded burns the sky, one blaze With fierce immitigable blue, no bird Ventures to spot by passage [.
The city resolution opposed the project, calling it ``incompatible'' with a growing urban community at its doorstep, as it will create ``significant, cumulative, immitigable impacts to air quality, biota aestheics and water quality.
He finishes with a question that serves as a frame to his commentary on American life and culture: "Never would be such a chance to see how the short-cut works, and if there be really any substitute for roundabout experience, for troublesome history, for the long, immitigable process of time" (366).
181-82), seemed to William Shakespeare but the way of all rulers: bitterly close to immitigable.
Her immitigable curiosity leads her into contact with the Vietnamese countryside and the practices and procedures of both the camp's medics and its resident green berets.