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On the stroke of half-time Immobile gave a lesson in finishing as picked up possession after a Gunners throw-in, held off Koscielny and crashed the ball past Szczesny.
CIRO TO A HERO Immobile scores to put Dortmund in front and (right) teammates celebrate with Aubameyang
GUNNING THEMDOWN Immobile hails his goal with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Dortmund were not that wasteful and Immobile, starting ahead of fellow Dortmund newcomer Adrian Ramos, completed a fine solo effort after shaking off Gibbs and Laurent Koscielny.
The coach will make his choices, we just have to work hard and give our contribution even if we come off the bench," said Immobile.
Immobile joined JuVentus in 2009, but had loan spells at Siena, Grossetto and Pescara.
When both birds started out mobile, the cat sometimes left its first victim alive but immobile and moved on to attack the second bird.
There was one more model--Bluebird CN7, 1996/2002--this one of a record-breaking race car, immobile but with its parachute open as if filled with wind.
At the age of forty-four he went insane (likely due to syphilis acquired from a few atypical--for someone so chaste--visits to a brothel a generation earlier), and then spent the last eleven years of his life in increasingly immobile dementia.
If you came upon an immobile body and you yourself could not determine whether it was dead or alive, I think that you would decide to consider it alive until somebody could prove it was dead.
The town has been dead for a long time, and so has this old car, now little more than a shell, immobile on a field of desert grass.
The prisoner alleged that there was no room in his cell, making him immobile and restrained for long periods of time, and that prison staff failed to remove the bed from his cell daily.