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Markazi will cast light on the conditions of mobility and immobility in Yemen and the Horn of Africa through its focus on households and everyday life in the Markazi camp.
The second session lasts 5 minutes during which the immobility time, the swimming and climbing were measured.
Results: There was statistically significant difference in the duration of immobility with amitriptyline and CoQ10 treated groups, when compared to that of control group in both behavioral models of depression.
The aim is to identify the role of family ties in internal migration, immobility and labour-market outcomes.
As such, the volume presents ethnographically informed discussions of eight key terms related to mobility: capital, cosmopolitanism, freedom, gender, immobility, infrastructure, motility, and regime.
These behavioral observations included jumping, aggressiveness, litter pecking, preening, immobility, walking, lying, standing, drinking, feeding and feather pecking (Table I).
We report a case of unilateral vocal fold immobility in a 57-year-old woman that occurred subsequent to a choking episode, which she resolved by removing impacted food with a finger sweep.
The image perfectly captures the "mixture of subversion and subservience" that Milani presents as key to women's lives in Iran in this impressive new work: the restrictions placed on their freedom of movement, and the creative means by which they have broken out of their enforced immobility.
Decades later, immobility is still an issue and garnering even more attention in the era of healthcare reform, reimbursement, and patient-centered care.
Exposure to stress significantly increased the immobility period in FST.