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The decrease in immobility time while increase in swimming and/or climbing behaviors show antidepressant activity.
The CNS stimulatory effect of the leaf extract was further supported by its potential to reduce the immobility time of mice during force swimming and tail suspension tests.
Time, Migration and Forced Immobility: Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Morocco
Immediately after the open-field test, the tonic immobility test described by Jones [8] was applied.
The team also observed that muscle immobility itself led to a significant decline in the abundance of pericytes in the affected muscle tissues.
A medical company is seeking to partner with the government to make advanced physical therapy more affordable and easily accessible to Filipinos suffering from immobility.
This Article offers a new theory of poverty, one that introduces the concept of legal immobility. Legal immobility considers the cumulative effects of state and local laws as a mechanism through which poverty is perpetuated and upward socioeconomic mobility is stunted.
The total duration of immobility is recorded for 6 min in which the 1st min is taken as the time for the animal to get adapted to the new environment.
1 risk factor for VTE is immobility. Immobility causes slowing or stoppage of blood flow.
Curley, R.N., Ph.D., from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and colleagues tested the Braden QD Scale to predict the risk of pressure injury from both immobility and medical devices in 625 hospitalized pediatric patients.
Markazi's photographs provide insight into Peutz's research on forced migration, displacement and immobility, identity and heritage - themes perfectly showcased by Benchallal's documentary work.