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Improvement of enzyme activity, stability, and selectivity via immobilization techniques, J.
The unique profile of the UCT LE allows CIVCO's Body Pro-Lok ONE bridge to attach directly to the couchtop, enabling a seamlessly integrated SBRT immobilization platform.
To the best of our knowledge, the present study is the first report on the immobilization of [alpha]-galactosidase on Eudragit L-100.
Because of cautious exclusion of other causes and an excellent response to passive mobility on paralyzed limbs, immobilization was confirmed as the final cause of hypercalcemia.
In this study, we investigated the effect of immobilization stress on serum adiponectin levels in mice.
About 15 percent of patients who received spine immobilization died in the hospital, compared with 7 percent of those not immobilized.
Six weeks of immobilization in a non-weight-bearing cast showed a strong trend for a higher rate of fracture healing and freedom from pain than did surgery, but the difference didn't reach statistical significance.
D-tax for immobilization assets usage (tax for buildings and ground)
Excluding automobile immobilization, the RFID market is expected to experience a 15 percent compound annual growth rate.
The assailant's key immobilization zones are superimposed against the skeletal structure for effective comprehension in extreme response and immobilization training.
The activated complex then has generated a covalent linkage between the protein and the carrier, resulting in protein immobilization [4].