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The immobilized yield was calculated considering the total activity of the free lipase in solution given on the immobilization process (that considers the volume of the enzymatic extract employed on the immobilization test and its activity [U m[L.
For tadpoles, we characterized immobilization as the movement of that individual from its resting position on the bottom of the tank to a slightly higher position in the water column and a rigid extension of its tail.
In 479 patients with idiopathic or mild male subfertility and an indication for IUI who were randomized to 15 minutes of immobilization following IUI (950 cycles) or immediate mobilization (984 cycles), the cumulative ongoing pregnancy rates per couple were 32.
Enzyme immobilization within a water soluble carrier becomes an area of interest for industrial applications.
In addition, to evaluate pain related to the spinal immobilization, a visual analog score (VAS) was taken.
Conclusion: Immobilization stress reduces the number of ovarian follicles.
The Encompass SRS Immobilization System utilizes a posterior thermoplastic and anterior open view mask compatible with optical tracking systems.
They are reduced initially, but frequently lose position, because cast immobilization is an inefficient means of stabilization, this results in malunion.
The methods and supports employed for enzyme immobilization are chosen to ensure the highest retention of enzyme activity and its stability and durability.
Heating appliances are routinely used to fabricate customized thermoplastic immobilization devices for use during patient radiation therapy.
In the present work, RHA was used to synthesized MCM-41 which was then used as a support for immobilization of lipase enzyme.