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With the assumption that man is created sexually immoderate, marriage becomes the only remedy to counteract original sin.
Likewise, dry or "sour" wine was thought to be colder and drier than sweet.6 Some physicians believed that drinking wine mixed with water would cause drunkenness more quickly than drinking wine alone because the heavier, colder qualities of the water would cause the wine to move through the system faster.(7) They found beer to be generally cold and wet in quality and warned that immoderate consumption of beer could lead to a more "phlegmatic" drunkenness than that resulting from wine, lasting longer and causing a greater hindrance to movement.(8) Distilled spirits, created through the application of fire, were also believed to contain the qualities of heat and dryness.(9)
The present one is disturbed by the sometimes immoderate tone Van Cleve adopts when criticizing those scholars who wrote under the influence of |the spirit of Dilthey' (chapter 4); by the arguably excessive importance he attaches to the work of Edwin H.
With 320 horsepower gripping the pavement with 17-inch tires, this car is setting new standards once only the realm of exotic cars costing more than twice even this immoderate price.
The psychologists-in-residence within Helmut Kohl's Christian Democratic Party, for example, have decided that the hate crimes are a reaction (though an immoderate one, they hasten to add) to the large number of foreigners seeking refuge in Germany.
What are some of the unnecessary and dysfunctional ways we teachers generate immoderate anxiety?
New England laws governing the clothing of men reflected the gay attire of the day: men were censured for wearing "immoderate great breeches," broad shoulder-bands, capes, and double ruffles.
An able and daring commander of rangers, he enjoyed considerable success, especially in the Virginia campaign; his tenure in Upper Canada, while marked by his immoderate language against the United States, was generally successful, and he proved himself a capable administrator; his tenure on Santo Domingo was also marked by solid achievement as he reformed the local administration and conducted a successful campaign.
What is clear is that Bong Go follows the template of Epal politics, one which is full of lavish or immoderate display of him signifying nothing.
Excessive expenses are unreasonable or immoderate in price and/or quantity.
"German and Japanese carmakers suffered from large-scale recalls and huge amounts of penalties during their immoderate quantitative expansions.
The word 'prodigal' means profuse, lavish, immoderate, or excessive, connoting generosity.