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Her worthy lord stretched his neck and eyes until she had crossed the yard, and then, not at all sorry to have had this opportunity of carrying his point, and asserting the sanctity of his castle, fell into an immoderate fit of laughter, and laid himself down to sleep again.
It's an immoderate zeal for education, but once you're educated, that's enough.
Yet even as Handy achieved a kind of apotheosis as a popular songwriter and "America's most affectionately regarded Negro," his career continued to be shadowed by two interrelated charges, both of which have exerted a lingering effect on his reputation: lack of originality (he neither lived nor wrote the "real" blues) and immoderate profit ("real" bluesmen don't get rich).
Both Stewart and Peace articulate the perceived link between fiscal arrangements threatening the bourgeois household and unacceptable sexualities -- the Humanists' fearful fantasy of a courtier-like "Pretty Boy Ri ches" in which to indulge themselves, and the sentimentalists' anxious association of excessive material consumption with immoderate female desire -- and in so doing offer nuanced portraits of the marketplaces in which humanity was defined.
But Wallace's dog-wagging tale is also about love-objects "invested with all the flected umbiguity that makes Romance itself possible" - an ambiguity that thrives on flux and the humunculoidicities of immoderate love (OFN 97), no doubt further Dingle-ized by diffusion, deflection, and distortion of the sort that unpacks the Russian nesting dolls of nightmare that terrorize Mrs.
excessively libidinous and the women much more than the men; for I re- frain out of decency from telling of the art with which they gratify their immoderate lust.
MEAS has a strict code of practice which prohibits businesses from encouraging "illegal, irresponsible or immoderate consumption of alcohol".
Manic episodes can be especially distressing because they are often associated with high-risk behaviors like substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, immoderate spending, violent behavior, and disregard for danger.
It is inappropriate for immoderate language of this kind to be used about a sector which achieves remarkable success in the face of continuing Government underfunding.
Images and subjects once the provenance of splatter films, exploitation flicks, and porn--gang rapes, bashings and slashings and blindings, hard-ons and vulvas, cannibalism, sadomasochism and incest, fucking and fisting, sluices of cum and gore--proliferate in the high-art environs of a national cinema whose provocations have historically been formal, political, or philosophical (Godard, Clouzot, Debord) or, at their most immoderate (Franju, Bunuel, Walerian Borowczyk, Andrzej Zulawski), at least assimilable as emanations of an artistic movement (Surrealism mostly).
Immoderate love or hate, ambition, rage, jealousy may induce a fatal misrepresentation of reality.
As early as 1603, foreign visitors to England had commented on the immoderate English liking for sweet things.