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Similarly, in Anastasia W, the success' of Van Niekerk's estranging techniques of (non-)signification, her nonmimetic disruption of clarity,' seems to have worked to great effect in unsettling her audience, in many cases to the point of them deciding that such an excremental display of loud rubbish' amounted to an act of aesthetic immoderation, a failure of taste.
He also said that corruption must not be allowed in any shape or form; radicalism and immoderation should not be tolerated; people should not be prohibited from thinking freely and there will not be space for baseless speculation.
The day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the dangers of intolerance and immoderation posed to global peace, harmony and social equilibrium, he added.
Putatively, the masque enacts the change of Dullness, Murkiness, Deterioration, Unhappiness, Immoderation, Homeliness, Worthlessness, Disharmony, Imperfection, and Hopelessness (179) into their post-restoration opposites: Splendor, Clarity, Germination, Joy, Temperance, Loveliness, Merit, Perfection, Harmony, and Hope (216).
Overindulgence, intemperance, immoderation and dissipation were celebrated as part of the embracement of a true way of being a free human subject, whose experiences were not restricted or bound by penny-pinching and necessitousness.
The centre has been keen to avoid immoderation, and avert any religious or sectarian disputes or interference in political issues.
The advantage of such arrangements is that they accommodate the powerful institutions that are often necessary to ensure effective governance but also provide an opportunity for other, seemingly weaker institutions to check the powerful should they fall prey to the temptations of immoderation.
This time we are in need of a dialogue within the ummah to abandon divisions, ignorance and immoderation which are major obstacles in the way of Muslims achieving their aspirations," said King Abdullah in a message to Haj pilgrims this year.
In traditional Chinese culture, the doctrine of Confucius, which could be defined as 'avoiding immoderation and being restrained', is a determinant of the expectations and the regards of the society.
Rome's first citizen, reflects the collective immoderation of the
As Hans Blumenberg has persuasively argued, the shore as borderline and zone of conflict between firm land and the unstable transformative energy of the sea has commonly had a privileged status in the Western imagination: it marks the place at which human beings, in the manner of Goethe's Faust, first sense the challenge to self-overcoming and immoderation (11).
Kahan begins with the material evidence from Kean's autopsy: "the lesion on Kean's legs, his bodily fat, his sexual diseases, all point to a wasteful life of immoderation and self-ruination" (160).