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Douglas Leonard, Executive Director of the Al Amana Centre, said that "Oman is the optimal form of coexistence and religious tolerance and he was watching the changes that occurred in the Islamic world, but was ignorant of the Omani model that applied the correct Islam, with no racism, intolerance or immoderation in religion, adding that he has touched this side through mixing with the Omani people.
People may speak against their crudeness and immoderation, but they are not yet old and wise enough to be content; above all they do not need to feign any ready-made culture to defend and enjoy all the conforts and rights of youth, especially the privilege of a braver spontaneous honesty and the rousing consolation of hope." (Nietzsche 73-74)
Suffice it to say, American immoderation is alive and well in Asia this 4th of July.
63), but whereas Morley linked Swinburne's monomaniacal impulses to immoderation, Rossetti connected Swinburne's "excess of emphasis" and "monotony" (pp.
"Financial Frictions, the Financial Immoderation, and the Great Moderation." Mimeo, Rutgers University, 2010.
Liberty unrestrained and undisciplined fosters immoderation. Consequently, a government devoted to conserving and correcting freedom will require particular prudence in the art of balancing, or political moderation.
Miller (1994) suggests that companies with great success either become prone to inertia (at inception or over time), immoderation, and inattention to changing market conditions.
Social conservatives recognize the falsity of this view, understanding that immoderation in sexual matters corrupts individual character and can have deleterious social consequences.
He'd always loved her with the same immoderation she showed, ironically, now.
Links between food insecurity and obesity contradict common assumptions that obesity stems from excess or immoderation (such as obesity's association with the sin of gluttony) (19) (Ruiz, 2007).
Similarly, in Anastasia W, the success' of Van Niekerk's estranging techniques of (non-)signification, her nonmimetic disruption of clarity,' seems to have worked to great effect in unsettling her audience, in many cases to the point of them deciding that such an excremental display of loud rubbish' amounted to an act of aesthetic immoderation, a failure of taste.'
He also said that corruption must not be allowed in any shape or form; radicalism and immoderation should not be tolerated; people should not be prohibited from thinking freely and there will not be space for baseless speculation.