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The glasses blur their vision, so they do not have to see women they consider to be immodestly dressed.
The Israeli daily noted that the US State Department has published a travel recommendation for tourists including: "Do not walk around dressed immodestly in haredi neighborhoods for fear that extremists would assault you in the street.
In 1924, they tried again, with Mallory claiming immodestly that he was "the strongest of the lot, the most likely to get to the top.
The date palm in other words, wouldn't flower immodestly or bear fruit in the .
The author distinguishes between modestly self-effacing theories, immodestly self-effacing theories, and theories that recommend indirect guidance.
A discussion once ensued pertaining to the word maturity where the former propagated an authoritative view - believing firmly that it revolved around age - even immodestly proclaiming himself as an assured matured being.
Five female anchors resigned from al-Jazeera in January, saying the company had mishandled their complaints against a superior who allegedly harassed them, claiming they were dressed immodestly.
According to official censorship policies, Afghan television channels are not allowed to show immodestly clad females.
Pakistan, May 19 -- When Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi recently embarked on his outrageous verbal diatribe, feminist sensitivities notwithstanding, suggesting immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes, he obviously joined fellow fundamentalist religious preachers such as Pat Robertson who have made similar claims bordering on absurdity about marginalised groups, women, the poor, Third World nations, etc, being responsible for natural disasters.
Wutz's more technophilic readers may see in this formulation a recycling of tired apologetics for literature redolent of midcentury humanism; a Derridean readership may sense in it another version of the logocentric longing for presence that shaped Norris' fixation on the hand; yet I find in Wutz's savvy argument--as I imagine many others will--an articulation of literary fiction's valuable specificity within contemporary mediality, presented in terms neither immodestly inflated nor humiliatingly reduced.
Israeli police said it began when religious Palestinians angered by immodestly dressed tourists grew violent.
Though "Californication" is perhaps the most explicit show to appear on a non-pornographic channel, it finds a comfortable bedfellow in HBO's also immodestly titled "Hung," which boasts an ad with a headshot of a woman that reads "pimp" and a another headshot of a man that reads "ho.