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HIS WINE IS NO JOKE: Gerome Morand-Dutheil of Chateau Terres Vieilles, above, has produced a gloriously spicy red brew, immodestly called Ambroisie
A railway enthusiast may very well be tempted to discuss this feat immodestly when in suitable company, which brings us nicely to students of the draw advantage.
No, sir,'' Hearst immodestly replies, which leads to Swearengen's arch rejoinder: ``Don't that lead you to despair?
The shopkeeper warmly, respectfully and somewhat mischievously told me not to worry: As it was evening, the religious police who roamed the streets with canes looking to whack women and men dressed immodestly were all asleep.
As a painter and having reached the age of 42 I thinkI have had a unique insight into the mind of womanhood,''he claims somewhat immodestly adding that there are no shortage of admiring women at The Chap's parties,grand soirees where Gustav and Vic get to meet their acolytes.
On Zanzibar, during Ramadan late in 2003, a group calling itself the "Lions of God" harassed women whom they considered to be dressed immodestly.
which the manufacturer immodestly has labeled the most-versatile ski ever.
Among other things, she dresses immodestly, drinks alcohol, and has a close relationship with a man (Ken) who isn't her husband.
The Clash's Joe Strummer chose Bo Diddley - and, immodestly, so did Diddley himself.
In the History and Chronicle, he immodestly notes that "'To My Wife' is the first great poem that the first-time reader of the Canzoniere comes across" and he brags further that no one "would dream of omitting" it from any anthology of his works, even if "he certainly wrote more beautiful, more complex, more seductive, perhaps even more perfect poems than this.
If Histoire(s) weren't presented so immodestly (all the texts, stills, and more besides might have fit on a single CD-ROM; the videos themselves could probably be squeezed onto a two-sided DVD), it would be easier to love.
Now here was the Washington Post duo putting themselves immodestly at the center of a political corruption tale reaching into the Richard Nixon White House.