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Why would they have kept him in office if, as Guicciardini claims, he had "the most obscene manners, hypocrisy, immodesty, mendacity, infidelity, profanity, insatiable greed, unrestrained ambition, a predilection for violence that was worse than barbaric.
Immodesty gives us a history of burlesque as we learn how the gas man gave her her stage name and how painful it is to wear the 'skull crusher' of an exotic feathered headdress.
Comics Jo Brand, Dara O'Briain and Dylan Moran and seductive burlesque beauty Immodesty Blaize will entertain the evening crowds.
Their vacuity is matched only by their discourtesy, immodesty, aggression and the pleasure they take in their own ignorance - TV's Vanessa Feltz on Jade Goody and her family on Celebrity Big Brother
Advertising guru Trevor Beattie is producing Immodesty Blaize and Walter's Burlesque at the Arts Theatre.
Distance tends to cut down on details on TV so we were only able to see the overall scene as the security men bore down on the bore and covered his immodesty with one of those fluffy Wimbledon towels which had, until then, been used to mop up the sweat of the two finalists.
Although it was well known that she seduced her uncle, once she gained power through her marriage to him, "there was sternness and generally arrogance in public," and "no sort of immodesty at home, unless it conduced to power" ("Nihil impudicum, nisi dominationi expediret" - emphasis added).
He learns all about the burlesque artist behind the feathered fans, and tries a few shimmies with women like Immodesty Blaize (left) who are still on the daily (bump and) grind.
JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mehanti blamed the electronic media and advertisers for promoting nudity, vulgarism and immodesty in the country.
Burlesque Undressed (15): Immodesty Blaize, Sat 2pm.
Forgive an outbreak of immodesty but I think I may have spotted a joke that as far as I know has not been noticed so far, although Noel Coward created it in 1941.
The Canadian-born star, known for his tongue-in-cheek immodesty, had to promise he'd be funny - in contrast to his ill-prepared slot at the recent Concert For Diana which drew groans from the Wembley crowd.