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Swinburne's capacity for irony is a result of his "finer qualities," which stem in turn from his social position (Dana, "The Immodesty of Certain Female Poets"); as an upper-class poet, he had cultural capital to burn, and his poems (again, like Byron's) were read in the context of his decadently aristocratic life.
The star of the show is stripteasing burlesque artiste Immodesty Blaize.
Describing how Sharon would have to look on stage, dancer Immodesty Blaize said, 'She has to sashay around like she's been taking her clothes off all her life.
The film is at its best when Perle Noir speaks with obvious pride of following previous black performers and whenever Immodesty is on screen talking to camera.
With the help of dancer Immodesty Blaize, ballet favourite Wayne Sleep and burlesque star Dita Von Teese, she has just four weeks to learn the moves before convincing a panel of judges she's the real thing.
Even in 1928, academic Alfred Summers was writing about the Modern Miss or flappers as having 'a vocabulary made up of coarse slang (which she considers smart and 'cute'), vulgarity, immodesty, brazen abandon (bordering on immorality), and a queer kind of masculinity most unbecoming
Or short shorts, if that's your preferred form of immodesty.
30pm screening of Burlesque Undressed (15) at the Electric Cinema, Station Street on Wednesday, February 24, has sold out, thanks to star Immodesty Blaize arriving to sign copies of her new book, Tease.
It's all tongue-in-cheek, but there is some real sexiness from the other guest presenter - the burlesque performer Immodesty Blaize.