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Yet existing and proposed laws limiting gay rights still incorporate these latter views, which means that the state actively supports discrimination based upon the highly questionable assumption that being homosexual is inherently immoral, unnatural, or unhealthy Such support should end, and it can end only by conforming the law to the secular recognition that homosexuality (as well as bisexuality) lies within the spectrum of normal human variation, morally on a par with hetero-sexuality.
In a statement on Monday, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales said she has ordered a six month suspension against Refol after he was found guilty of the administrative offense of Disgraceful and Immoral Conduct.
Meanwhile, Rawat police acting on a tip-off conducted a raid in Bahria Town, Phase-eight area in its jurisdiction and rounded up eight accused namely Khurram, Javed, Ghulam Shabbir, Ahmed Sheikh and four women who were allegedly involved in immoral activities.
RAWALPINDI:Police operation against anti-social elements have arrested 20 including three kite flyers and eight allegedly involved in immoral activities besides recovering 3620 grams charras, 70 liters liquor, a 30 bore pistol with 14 rounds, a 32 bore revolver, Rs 155,000 cash, 18 kites, nine kite flying string rolls and others items from their possession.
The horrific crimes they had committed including murder of Zeshan, dacoity and immoral activity with Chinese woman in Sector I-10, firing incidents of I-8 Imam Bargah and child kidnapping incident.
That budget that Trump has presented is a grotesquely immoral budget," he said in the appearance.
Under Rule IV, Section 52A (15) of the Revised Uniform Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service, an immoral conduct is classified as a grave offense which calls for a penalty of suspension for six months and one day to one year for the first offense, and dismissal for the second offense.
The state habitually attempts to promote the view that while brutal treatment of the opposition may be immoral, it aims to achieve a moral end.
The police urged people to report any unlawful, immoral and indecent activities as they pose a risk to the society.
Records said the Sudanese did not go for a massage but he was aiding DED's inspectors to enter the parlour and fine the owner for suspicious immoral activities that had been reported by neighbours before the incident.
The applicant Zahiruddin has argued in his application that airing immoral drams and films on private television channels was the violations of PEMRA laws.
I aim at identifying institutional mechanisms operating in markets and organisations that promote immoral outcomes.