immoral person

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Appearing to have lost his temper during rallies in the provinces of KahramanmaraE-, Gaziantep and Hatay, Bahceli targeted Erdoy-an, saying, "Hey Erdoy-an -- you impertinent, lawless, immoral person -- if you are the head of state, what are doing out in the field [organizing election rallies]?
He is a coward, a killer, perpetrator of genocide, a liar and an immoral person.
You are an alcoholic, a drunk, a liar, an immoral person, Mr.
They think that an immoral person is not necessarily irrational in his or her thinking and actions, but can be said to be heartless if he or she is malicious or indifferent toward other people.
Shakespeare used the species as a synonym for a prostitute or immoral person, as in the Merry Wives of Windsor: "Out of my door, you witch, you hag, you baggage, you polecat, you runyon
Mr Saltman promoted Knievel's infamous attempt to jump Idaho's Snake River Canyon and then wrote a book about the experience, angering Knievel by portraying him as "an alcoholic, a pill addict, an anti-Semite and an immoral person.
Knievel claimed that Saltman had portrayed him as =93an alcoholic, a pill a= ddict, an anti-Semite and an immoral person," while Saltman said that he be= lieved it was an accurate portrayal of a man he had admired.
However, when participants were told that the neutral information describing a normal individual was inaccurate and that the individual really represented an immoral person, they formed the most unfavorable impression.
It reminds me of those who would describe an adulterer as an immoral person.
Even a letter from the mother of Collado's old high-school girlfriend, pleading for his release and explaining that "Jesus is not a criminal nor a violent or immoral person," has not made a dent on the INS.
If she had not in the end spilled the beans, I'd never have known the extent of damage an immoral person could cause inside my home.