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Inactivation of p16INK4a, with retention of pRB and p53/ p21cip1 function, in human MRC5 fibroblasts that overcome a telomere-independent crisis during immortalization.
How accepting would Hmong-ancestry populations be with allowing the immortalization of their genetic samples?
The Immortalization Commission: Science and the Strange Quest to Cheat Death, by John Gray, New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011, hardcover, 273 pages.
To get back to your question on the immortalization of the January 13 victims, the best ever-lasting monument for their sacrifice would be a politically and economically strong Lithuania capable of providing its citizens high standards of living.
Hence, the immortalization of King and Mboya in October, thousands of miles apart, after over 40 years of waiting, offers a poignant symbol of the ties that bind Black America and Africa that Obama would do well to honour, even in silence.
The Immortalization Commission expresses the last of those positions, although its mood changes as it progresses.
Immortalization is almost always accompanied by expression of telomerase, which is most likely necessary for the continued growth of cancer cells.
Further proof is their refusal to receive US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, based on the fact that the United States had partnered with the falling regimes in oppressing their peoples, robbing their wealth and making use of those regimes to serve its plans for a new world order and a new Middle East, in addition to waging successive wars alongside Israel, or on its behalf, and insisting on supporting Israel's religious discrimination - in other words, because it has been, with its allies, one of the main reasons for the spread of chaos and backwardness and for the immortalization of regimes.
Luftig and his team, including lead authors Pavel Nikitin and Chris Yan, found two enzymes, called kinases, which were critical in mediating this oncogenic stress response and preventing unchecked B-cell cell growth, called immortalization.
Among their topics are insulin receptor substrate signaling in the central nervous system from embryonic development to aging, G protein-coupled receptor hetero-dimerization as a molecular determinant of neuronal activity, the role of noradrenaline on interpersonal functioning, reversible immortalization for the expansion of neural cells, whether deficiency in striatal dopamine action is an omen for Parkinson's disease, and molecular mechanisms underlying the inhibition of axonal regeneration after central nervous system injury.
Some Muslims will consider the construction of a mosque there [by Ground Zero] as a commemoration and immortalization of what the terrorists, who committed their crime in the name of Islam, did.
Isolation, immortalization, and characterization of a human breast epithelial cell line with stem cell properties.