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Science and religion, immortally split apart, but do they have more in common with each other than one would think?
I saw My West--the land I bought and gave and never Saw, but like the Israelite, From some high pass or crazy crag of mind, saw-- Saw all, Swale and savannah and the tulip tree Immortally blossoming to May, Hawthorne and haw Valleys extended, prairies idle, and the land's Long westward languor lifting Toward the flaming escarpment of the end of day--(New 10)
Stoyte, is a temple to eternal youth, the victory "no longer of the spirit but of the body, the well-fed body, for ever youthful, immortally athletic, indefatigably sexy" (17).
With immortally daft lines like, "I like blinking, I do," the bubbly blonde, who gave up her job at ClassyCutz in Newport to enter the house in 2001 and became one of the series' most loved characters.
in the context of the novel, the immortally suffering child of the rape of Africa by Empire who commits yet another rape).
With his immortally charming lilt, Morgan Freeman's character Red recounts how the movie's hero Andy - a wrongly jailed man - battles the authorities for books for the prison library.
Readers more attuned to possible injustices in the West--for example, readers not pleased by the imperialism of the Numenoreans in establishing Gondor to begin with, by the fundamentally antidemocratic social organizations, or the lack of opportunity for those not immortally established at the top of the hierarchy in Lothlorien or Rivendell (where Celeborn and Galadriel and Elrond have ruled for thousands of years)--might be more open to a world in which Sauron or Saruman is victorious.
The then clerk of the course Nick Lees refused to acknowledge the existence of the bias, issuing the immortally naive bulletin: "Draw advantage?