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They produce folk heroes like Ossie Ardiles, whose legs, immortally, went all trembly at Wembley.
Austen has this capacity to animate, to create intense life ex nihilo, life not tangible in any conventional sense but yet vividly and immortally so.
Apparently, the stress took its toll on Kenny Boy, as President Bush immortally nicknamed him.
Yet it does bear observation as just the latest manifestation of what Deng Xiaoping immortally called socialism with Chinese characteristics--aka capitalism Chinese style.
The dead one was "divine" on earth, "As thy soul shall immortally be .
The tautological DECEASED will be replaced by CEASED or IMMORTALLY CHALLENGED OTHER, and an INVALID will be called a VALID, somebody with a legitimate claim to quality healthcare.
As that sage Tom Hanks immortally said in A League of Out Own, if it was easy, everyone would do it.
Higgins' Rumsfeld, who utters the immortally callous titular statement "Stuff happens," in response to looting in Baghdad, is a believably intimidating schemer.
19 on PBS (check local listings), Andrews hosts Broadway: The American Musical, a six-hour documentary that chronicles the development of the theatrical genre that Variety has immortally dubbed the "tuner.
As a student 25 years ago, I learnt one of the immortally perceptive expressions of our age.
Kass's discussion of why immortally good health is questionable, for example, is conducted in terms of the general link between understanding and good things.
Men hear gladly of the power of blood or race" (EL 791), he tells us; but "you cannot draw the line where a race begins or ends" (EL 790); and "whilst race works immortally to keep its own, it is resisted by other forces.