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After a pollen grain lands on a receptive stigma of a pistil, a pollen tube germinates from the hydrated pollen grain and delivers the immotile sperm cells over a long distance toward the ovule.
As Getsy writes, the more sculpture emulated the human form, the more it accentuated and dramatized "the gap between the immotile marble or bronze statue and living, moving bodies.
6]) > 40 (b) 302 210 (180) Sperm motility (%) A + B > 50 (b) 302 54 (17) D NA 302 31 (13) CASA motile NA 285 51 (22) CASA immotile NA 285 32 (23) Inhibin B (ng/L) 100-240 (c) 305 210 (62) FSH (IU/L) 1.
Comparison of sperm parameters and DNA fragmentation index (DFI) in control and one hour later groups Control RGL P-value Immotile 31.
To evaluate sperm motility, sperm were classified as immotile (IM, no movement), non-progressive motile (NP, all other patterns of motility with an absence of forward progression, e.
Motility was determined by counting the number of immotile spermatozoa and subtracting from the total count multiplied by x 100%.
reported in their study that they used motile spermatozoa for ICSI in 159 cycles while they used immotile spermatozoa in 138 other cycles (13).
69 Immotile sperm motility n (%) 48 (80) Immotile sperm morphology n (%) 15 (25) Liquefaction time (min) 15-30 pH 7.
We counted sperm with progressive and nonprogressive motility and immotile sperm and calculated percentages of motile sperm and progressively motile sperm.
Dead or immotile spermatozoa also penetrate zona-free hamster eggs under certain conditions (26).
Z's motility prepared duplicate slides and rated and categorized the sperm on the first slide as: 201 rapid progressive; 86 sluggish progressive; 0 non-progressive; and 198 immotile and those on the duplicate slide as: 210 rapid progressive; 98 sluggish progressive; 5 non-progressive; and 80 immotile.