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Clinical use of pentoxifylline for activation of immotile testicular sperm before ICSI in patients with azoospermia.
How useful is the ultra-structural study of the cilia of the respiratory tract in the diagnosis of the immotile cilia syndrome?
PCD also called immotile cilia syndrome is characterised by congenital abnormalities of ciliary function and structure [3, 4].
13; Table 3] and was accompanied by an equal increase in the percentage of immotile cells, a correlation that was almost statistically significant.
There was a significant decrease in the percentages of immotile sperm and a significant increase in the percentage of non-progressive sperm in the presence of LC and PTX compared with the control sample 30 min after incubation (p < 0.
In the other two salinities a number of abnormalities occurred, including immotile hatched larvae [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 9B OMITTED], scoliotic hatched larvae [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 9C OMITTED], and larvae that initiated but failed to complete hatching [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 9C OMITTED].
Sperm spawned from mussels that had been acclimated to higher salinities for 1 to 2 days also showed reduced motility or were completely immotile in all series.
Briefly, the criteria were as follows: grade a: rapidly progressive spermatozoa, grade b: slowly progressive spermatozoa, grade c: no progressive motility, grade d: immotile spermatozoa.
Sperm motility is categorized into progressive, nonprogressive, and immotile according to the WHO's criteria.
Patients suffering from immotile cilia syndrome, cystic fibrosis and Youngs syndrome were excluded.
Two hundred spermatozoa in two groups of a hundred each were assessed and averaged to obtain a percentage of progressive, non-progressive and immotile spermatozoa.