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So whether we approve of "immovable" or sneer at it depends on our own values and perspectives, not on an a priori notion that all immovability is a bad thing.
Yet Eliot gives us anything but a sympathetic picture of Hetty in the courtroom: "The sympathy of the court was not with the prisoner: the unnaturalness of her crime stood out the more harshly by the side of her hard immovability and obstinate silence" (482).
The perfectionist's almost arrogant immovability can also effect the perfectionist's inescapable disillusion (Nilsson once observed that Vickers seemed to have his nerves outside his skin, rather than inside).
Mohamed Khair Al-Zubair, following his discussion with the Minister of Industry - Engineer Abdul Wahab Osman, has stated that the new strategy to ease up the exchange rate meant for illustrating genuine demand and preserving immovability of price.
Such a reading can be supported within the context of the poem, as the immovability of the two protagonists has already been through the "stand" taken in line 1.
It should be noted that John Paul's immovability on the ordination question did not translate into a generalized ambivalence about women.
I speak as someone once reduced to tears of frustration by the immovability of a pickle jar lid.
Lyell here relies on and recreates a striking picture of a ruined ecclesiastical institution verging on collapse, whose foundation has eroded and whose "unshaken" strength and immovability is, ironically, its tragic flaw, a blinding and ultimately damning inflexibility.
The two largest members of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Okologischer Anbau (Agol) withdrew, citing immovability and slowness in the decision making process.
Gamm contrasts the immovability of a Catholic parish, with its canonical laws demanding a fixed stone altar, relics, and a consecrated building, with the portability of the Torah scrolls, fire holiest object around which Jewish worship centers.
Our confidence in the immovability of our character may be complacent and premature.