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IMMOVABLES, civil law. Things are movable or immovable. Immovables, res immobiles, are things in general, such as cannot move themselves or be removed from one place to another. But this definition, strictly speaking, is applicable only to such things as are immovable by their own nature, and not to such as are so only by the destination of the law.
     2. There are things immovable by their nature, others by their destination, and others by the objects to which they are applied.
     3.-1. Lands and buildings or other constructions, whether they have their foundations in the soil or not, are immovable by their nature. By the common law, buildings erected on the land are not considered real estate, unless they have been let into, or united to the land, or to substances previously connected therewith. Ferard on Fixt. 2.
     4.-2. Things, which the owner of the land has placed upon it for its service and improvement, are immovables by destination, as seeds, plants, fodder, manure, pigeons in a pigeon-house, bee-hives, and the like. By the common. law, erections with or without a foundation, when made for the purpose of trade, are considered personal estate. 2 Pet. S. C. Rep. 137; 3 Atk. 13; Ambl. 113
     5.-3. A servitude established on real estate, is an instance of an immovable, which is so considered in consequence of the object to which it is applied. Vide Civil Code of Louis. B. 2, t. 1, c. 2, art. 453-463; Poth. Des Choses, Sec. 1; Poth. de la Communante, n. 25, et seq; Clef des Lois Romaines, mot Immeubles.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It is revealed that the accused have acquired 10 immovable properties in Delhi, Goa and Punjab and also deposited money in their bank accounts disproportionate to their legal income during the period 2003-2008.
In March, the federal anti-graft watchdog filed a reference against Mr Durrani, his spouse and four children among 19 suspects allegedly for acquiring movable and immovable assets valued at around Rs1.61bn through illegal means.
There is no evidence of any risk or dissipation of any of the assets placed before court which include Aeroplanes, ships and other immovable properties," Mr Musyoki adds.
The bulk of the immovable property is located at his village, Pera Pedi, and was donated to him by his mother.
Further, the Minister Matambo said the proposed amendments would also try to remove the requirement for spouses to be married in community of property for transfers of immovable property between them to be exempted from payment of transfer duty.
Thereby as a corrective measure, the withholding tax on purchase of immovable properties has been proposed to be lightened from 2% to 1%.
The meeting discussed the issue of valuation of immovable properties and informed the participants that using valuation tables was a temporary proposition and isn't a long-term measure for the assessment of such properties.
In the operation, 20 immovable structures were demolished while 85 temporary encroachments were removed.
In the budget 2018/2019, the parliament withdrew the scheme and introduced new mechanism for property valuation and announced setting up a directorate of immovable properties in the FBR.
During the seminar, the staff of the Department of Cadastre and Registration of Immovable Property Rights and the State Cartographic and Geodetic Service shared their knowledge and experience that they learned from Korea, and the specific topic of the seminar are national infrastructure for spatial data, GIS in cartography, GNSS / GPS systems, unmanned aerial vehicles.
The guidelines also provide for advance preparatory action to be taken by administrative ministry or department and CPSEs, preparation of closure proposal, settlement of statutory and other liabilities of the CPSE and modalities for disposal of movable and immovable assets of such CPSEs in a time bound manner.