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Protesters disrupted her speeches, the opposition press vilified her, and education policy itself seemed set immovably in a leftward course, which she and many Conservatives found uncomfortable.
It corresponds both to a present that is immovably bound to inevitable linear development, and to the timeless frozen churn of cosmic circularity.
To date he has translated the forms as well as re-created and reimagined the missing parts of the Laocoon (in the serpentine Fixed immovably into blank types of placid reverie; the eye is wide and without pupil, 2011), the Belvedere Torso (as in the disturbing Knowing, even the grass We must tear up so it will stay green, 2010-11), and the Pasquino (in The body needs for its preservation many other bodies by which it is, as it were, continually regenerated, 2011).
While the property had much sentimental value to Mr Moss, the ashes were not interred and the headstones were not immovably fixed, Justice Austin said.
Immovably, they insist on the very ideology that enslaves them" (Horkheimer & Adorno, 2002, p.
While Ralston was descending into Utah's Blue John Canyon, a modest boulder fell on him, crushing his right arm and pinning it immovably to the rock face.
At a distance, the monolithic blocks created an impression of great masses standing immovably in open space, yet the corrugations rendered them relatively light, allowing the set to be adapted by small groups of people.
They sat so immovably, and looked so severe, with their rugged weather-beaten visages, and hard muscular trunks, that they were no unfit emblems of the janitors of the region to which those they guarded were so often consigned.
Thus, we need a reappropriation, rejuvenation, and rearticulation of the Catholic philosophical tradition, as well as a refounding of the Catholic university firmly and immovably on this tradition.
For Saint Thomas this law is "sacred," "untouchable," immovably settled.
Immovably present, "Things as They Are" permit no allegedly Wordsworthian manner of spiritual accommodation.
They decried the detours and roadblocks they persistently encounter, describing them as immovably rooted in entrenched attitudes and practices.