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London, Jan 23 ( ANI ): Synthetic nanoparticles that target lymph nodes, where the most effective immune reactions occur, could greatly boost vaccine responses, researchers say.
The wrong blood type can provoke serious immune reactions that result in organ failure or death, so scientists have long sought a way to create an all-purpose red blood cell for transfusions that doesn't rely on costly blood typing or donations of a specific blood type.
How that would affect the complex immune reaction that causes type 1 diabetes, or whether breast-feeding might prevent it in some cases, remains unknown.
A FAULTY immune reaction may be responsible for the development of epilepsy, research shows.
The body often cranks out IgE as part of a misguided immune reaction against noninfectious substances in the environment.
When filaria worms in mice sense that the mouse is mounting a strong immune reaction, they change their life cycle, producing more offspring in the blood earlier.
The new study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, revealed surprising findings - the raised allergic antibodies that would support the immune reaction theory were not present in two-thirds of the cases studied.
he tests identified 90 peptides that caused some level of immune reaction, but three were found to be particularly toxic.
Ongoing advances in tissue engineering and new methods for cultivating ESCs may lead in the future to the development of RPE cell lines less likely to trigger an immune reaction response in transplant recipients, offering improved options for cell therapy.
Uppsala University researchers have observed that during mating, the females' genes are activated to roughly the same extent as when an immune reaction starts.
Some patients have their spleens removed to relieve the aberrant immune reaction.
However, some reports had suggested that RNAi gene therapy might induce an immune reaction or switch off the wrong gene or genes.