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Research suggests that GMCSF may stimulate immune responses and improve viral control in HIV patients.
Their immune responses were then followed as they were given B-6 at ever-increasing doses.
We have elected to focus on the use of mice largely because for this species there is a sophisticated appreciation of the immune response, coupled with the availability of a range of reagents.
Silvera, PhD, of the Southern Research Institute in Frederick, Maryland, showed that Remune when given with a fancy adjuvant called CpG causes uninfected monkeys to develop two key immune responses against HIV -- antibody and t-cell responses.
The first kind is composed of various cell types, including NK cells and antibody-dependent cytotoxicity, and functions very early in the immune response (day 1 to 3), and these cells are detected through out the mucosal immune system.
Improvements in immune response among those who are optimistic may be due to lower levels of stress.
Maybe it goes back to Jonas," said Richard Trauger, chief scientific officer for Immune Response, based in Carlsbad.
Argos's proprietary approach to personalized cancer immunotherapy is based on optimizing a patient's own (autologous) dendritic cells to trigger a tumor-specific immune response.
Moreover, a strong anti-HIV immune response in no way predicted low post-trial viremia; to the contrary, patients with strong stimulation of anti-HIV immune responses tended to have higher, not lower, viremia after interruption of therapy.
Onyvax-P is a therapeutic prostate cancer vaccine designed to elicit a powerful and specific immune response against prostate cancer cells without the severe side effects often associated with conventional cancer therapies.
With a better understanding of the immune response, these intriguing results might offer new directions for therapy and vaccines.
And after 8 weeks, all of the original virus was gone--showing the effect of the immune response.