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"By what I can see, Partridge," cries Jones, "hanging is a matter non longe alienum a Scaevolae studiis ." "You should say alienus ," says Partridge,--"I remember the passage; it is an example under communis, alienus, immunis, variis casibus serviunt ." "If you do remember it," cries Jones, "I find you don't understand it; but I tell thee, friend, in plain English, that he who finds another's property, and wilfully detains it from the known owner, deserves, in foro conscientiae , to be hanged, no less than if he had stolen it.
1420, [seccion] 4 requiritur, nam is, cui munus iudicandi tamquam Vicario Episcopi stabiliter col latum est, ab omni suspicione defectus integritatis immunis esse debet;
Dry milk formula for nutrition of young children with bifidobacteria "immunis 1" or analogue
Alterius enim conditionis erat natura humana in aliis hominibus, alterius in Christo; in aliis enim erat peccatrix, in Christo erat immunis ab omni culpa.
In Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil Ruiz (1953) described the Cercaria amplicocecata from Australorbis immunis (= B.
Temperature selection and activity in the crayfish, Orconectes immunis. J.
A few deceased crayfish from unknown causes were also found at the Wilder Tract of the Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge and these specimens were identified as Orconectes immunis. It may be possible that crayfish in dissected samples were of these same species due to the color similarities, but without chelipeds and other intact crayfish remains present in scat it was difficult to identify to species or to determine how many individual crayfish were actually present in individual scat samples.
The biology of most of the anacharitines remains unknown, although the aphidfeeding larvae of Hemerobidae (Neuroptera) have been described as the hosts of Solenofigites lautus Diaz, 1979 (Diaz 1979), Anacharis australiensis Ashmead, 1901 and Xyalaspis victoriensis (New 1979), Anacharis immunis (Walker, 1835) (Kyerich 1984), Aegilips atricornis Fergusson, 1985, A.
Out of the 419 crayfish, 412 were identified as virile crayfish (Orconectes virlis), 3 were identified as calico crayfish (Orconectes immunis), and 4 were not identifiable.
Bovbjerg, "Ecological isolation and competitive exclusion in two crayfish (Orconectes virilis and Orconectes immunis)" Ecology, vol.
1, 45, 9 (nec Rhenus ergo immunis; nec enim fas erat ut liber esset receptaTOR hostium atque defenSOR): receptator neol.