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Teachers and administrative leaders of all schools involved should join forces in creating a database of students who were immunized by Dengvaxia.
Briones said that while the education sector's focus would be on schools where the vaccine was used-Central Luzon, Calabarzon and Metropolitan Manila-students in other regions would also be watched, especially if they had been immunized privately or on community health programs.
About one-fifth of the children in both joint family and nuclear family were completely immunized (24.
Lessin said, "adults' physicians do an awful job of immunizing patients, so most adults are not fully immunized.
3) The courts have long recognized that immunity could overcome the privilege: a properly immunized witness may be compelled to answer incriminating statements.
Comparison of the antibodies produced revealed that the quality of the antibodies generated by the group immunized in space was decreased.
As the percentage of people who are immunized rises, the transmissibility of diseases declines.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Less than half of the younger siblings of children with autism are fully immunized, according to a small study presented by Pamela E.
The proposal recommended by the director of CDC was the second course, namely, for the federal government to contract with private pharmaceutical companies to produce sufficient vaccine to permit the entire population to be immunized against H1N1.