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Mice that were immunized after the age that amyloid plaques would be expected to develop showed fewer plaques than mice that were not immunized.
We're really trying to break down all possible barriers that cause people to not get their kids immunized,'' she added.
It is the measles epidemic of 1988-91 in California that health officials continue to point to as a perfect example of what happens when children aren't adequately immunized.
Tickets to the event will be given to children age 5 and under who are immunized during National Preschool Immunization Week (April 24- May 1) at one of 41 Atlanta Project sites.
Secretary Rivera noted that the proposed medical certificate provision recognizes that the state's most vulnerable children, who may be behind in full immunization, need additional time to be fully immunized.
He also urged the religious scholars, elected representatives, NGOs and local community to make this campaign successful by putting all-possible efforts so that the children of whole district could be immunized against this crippling disease.
7 and three million children in Syria had been immunized during the campaign in areas under rebel, government, and jihadist control.
The minister indicated that the data the ministry received showed an increasing numbers of children who became immunized against polio, vowing further measures to meet the requirements of a new round of vaccination slated to be launched between November 23-27.
But if the infection was an accidental one, I would only be guilty of miscalculating the odds that I would get the disease without being immunized.
Wali ur Rehman said the campaign could not yield positive result until and unless all the children from FATA are not immunized against polio.
In the region, about 67 percent of children are fully immunized for MMR at 24 months of age, and only about 44 percent of low-income children are fully immunized.
However, once immunity is granted, it may be difficult or impossible to prosecute the immunized witness.