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As KML-B was shown to be a potential immunoadjuvant in DC vaccination, we next applied KML-B-treated DCs in an in vivo tumor model to prevent tumor growth.
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GC has shown several advantages when working as an immunoadjuvant in LIT [79].
Thus, research on novel immunoadjuvants for aquaculture species are in great demand.
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After reviewing current procedures for synthesizing novel poly(organo)phosphazenes with specific properties, this slim volume examines the rate of hydrolytic degradation determined by the choice of organic substituent, and describes the use of polyphosphazenes as immunoadjuvants, scaffolds for tissue engineering, polymer therapeutics for targeted drug delivery, and injectable hydrogels for controlled drug release devices.
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The solution of the immunoadjuvants admixed with indocyanine green (ICG), a light-absorbing dye, was injected directly into the tumors, followed by noninvasive irradiation of an 805 nm laser.