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CONTACT: Carol Hausner, Senior Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications of ImmunoGen, Inc.
Under the terms of the license agreement between ImmunoGen and SB, in addition to royalties, ImmunoGen could receive milestone payments totaling more than $40 million.
We look forward to receiving further payments as future milestones are achieved by ImmunoGen and SB during the course of development.
Under Walter Blattler's guidance, ImmunoGen has now taken five products from the bench to the clinic," observes Sayare.
McCarren's responsibilities will be assumed by Sayare and other members of the senior management team; ImmunoGen has no immediate plans to replace McCarren.
Explaining the significance of resurfacing, Walter Blattler, ImmunoGen Vice President, Research, notes that "Antibodies derived from mice are humanized so that they will appear human to the immune system.
These observations have led ImmunoGen to use the Oncolysins following conventional therapies, to "mop up" residual disease which cannot be eliminated by conventional agents.
CONTACT: Mark Ratner, director of external communications for ImmunoGen, Inc.
These negotiations have been initiated following a mutual decision by ImmunoGen and Roussel-Uclaf of Romainville, France, that Roussel-Uclaf will relinquish the rights to Oncolysin B that it acquired several years ago under an agreement between the companies.
Following the completion of the study, ImmunoGen plans to expand clinical trials of Oncolysin CD6 to assess its efficacy in the prevention of episodes of acute kidney transplant rejection.
He is a valuable addition to the ImmunoGen team," states Donald J.