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Immunological tolerance in chickens hatching from eggs injected with cell-associated herpesvirus of Turkey (HVT).
Chimerism may eventually render the recipient tolerant to cell, tissue or organ transplants from the same donor, thereby enabling transplant patients to discontinue immunosuppressive medications after building stable immunological tolerance.
The first step in the development of CD is the initial breakdown in immunological tolerance against various wheat proteins.
Key to achieving this goal is an improved understanding of the interactions between environmental, immunologic, and genetic factors that underlie the inability to form immunological tolerance to the insulin secreting pancreatic beta cells.
The drug's apparent mechanism of action is the induction or restoration of immunological tolerance with respect to ongoing immune attack as a result of high doses of peptide periodically delivered intravenously.
of Oxford, UK), advances in the understanding of immunological tolerance raise the prospect of reestablishing a state of self-tolerance in the face of progressive autoimmunity and also suggest the possibility for avoiding the need for immunosuppression in order to treat transplant rejection.
The study showed additional immune phenotypes of miR-146a mutant mice, including loss of immunological tolerance and macrophage hyperresponsiveness to bacterial lipopolysaccharides.
In the realm of basic research, the congress will be exploring the genetic causes of allergies and asthma, as well as the induction of immunological tolerance.
His work aims at the induction of immunological tolerance in transplanted patients, and has resulted in the first successful technique for imaging islet grafts in vivo following transplantation.