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While authors in crisis often "write for the drawer," Held took to making pictures so large that the only way to store canvases after showing them in the few available spaces big enough--he once borrowed the vacant ground floor of a midtown Manhattan skyscraper--was to immure them in his upstate New York studio/barn.
Cem, who is a Poe fan in the story, immures himself with these classical stories, making the detective murder story within the novel even more evocative.
In their travels the Blues see snowy egrets, great blue herons, laughing gulls, roseate terns, Atlantic puffins, American oystercatchers, magnificent frigate birds, sandpipers, Brandt's cormorant, brown pelicans, winter wrens, thick-billed immures, and common loons.
Eventually, he destroys all hope of finding purpose apart from wrestling, and immures himself to his perceived destiny inside the ring.
The concept is to allow blood and serum through the membrane pores and to get the signal of immune responses from the pores of the matrix to activate the body immures system in a continuous mode, measured and controlled either by sensors or by electronics devices.
Poa-Poa immures herself within the plaster walls she has coveted as an indicator of social success, while Su-Ling walks away from a marriage into an affluent family toward an uncertain future.
Wielding utter authority over the image even as he invests it with calculated ambiguity, Haneke makes Amour a film about confinement that immures its meanings along with its characters.
Yet more and more, Rehnquist's love of precedent immures him in liberal precedents, and his love of democracy persuades him to tolerate offenses against the Constitution that have been blessed by a sleeping legislature.
The experience of reading the narrative, then, teaches the very dangerous lesson that Stuart learns as he immures himself in Manhattan On-Line and that Jan learns as she buries herself at her apartment desk--the seductive narcotic of information.