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Unlike True Love, which stalks Ginevra and transforms her into a heroine, religious love would have immured her in a convent where Lucy would have been "counting [her] beads in the cell of a certain convent," having become an insignificant and marginal victim who is unworthy of a narrative.
The Immured, opera 19:00 @ LNOB Maris Sirmais (conductor)
The impartial spectator from a distance; immured from vested interests, parochial values and social conditioning would have broadened the localize events and might ask us: how would we feel if the verdict of our apex court triggered such outcry in another country?
0 welcome Friend A captive greets thee coming from a house Of bondage from yon City's wall set free A prison where he hath bee long immured (Prelude 1 p.
I want to call upon you but I stand here immured by this semi-darkness
Nor could they have imagined that film's kitsch-mystical coda, in which Sean Penn's "architect" escapes the glass canyon of skyscrapers in which he is symbolically immured for a votive trip to the afterlife, where he wanders a vale of redemption (actually Goblin Valley, Utah) before encountering his reconstituted family on a beach that swarms with angels, revenants, and his ethereal mother, who tries to capture the sun in her hands the way she had earlier caught a butterfly.
While thus my soul, entranced, surveys Creation's beauties; and my gaze, And pleasure to my glowing heart, Think of him who 'neath the smart Of fell oppression sighs; immured In Bastile [sic] walls, by bars secured.
I know that they are only minor sorts of demon and not too frightening but to be immured in the Loewenschede tower with his nightmares might be just a little too disturbing.
The temporal confusion and anti-grammatical tendencies displayed by L'Arve et l'Aume might at first appear to uphold the image of Artaud (at least, in his later years) as falling victim to the mental illness that plagued him from a young age, becoming immured within the walls of his personal linguistic asylum.
The most damning comment I have come across was made by Simon Schama of Financial Times, writing on why Obama won: "What bit the dust on Tuesday was the world of denial in which Republicans have immured themselves ever since the rise of the Tea Party in 2009.
Indeed, what else is there, immured here, a woman, you men have all the excitement.
Supplied with the libretto, he immured himself in his room at Brook Street, London, living almost entirely on coffee until he completed the music.