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The scene's focus on her anchoritic immurement, physical defilement, and enforced asceticism--penance directed, as Abraham emphasizes, "iuxta meum velle" (entirely according to my will) (75)--casts a shadow over Abraham's and Effrem's closing celebration of their literal containment of sin.
As the first chapter of the book makes evident, crime is involved in the construction of the new bridge over the Ujana e Keqe (Wicked Waters) River, and there is more to the immurement than meets the eye.
The boy's spirit is never fully broken by his immurement in a suhterra nean room, where he somehow manages to defend his psychic core from continual violation.
One might also say that Morris's poetry resolved an opposite anxiety--of lack of influence, of temporal immurement and dissociation from his forebears and the deepest sources of forgotten human experience.
graves, immurements of all kinds form a recurrent motif, as do the