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Yet more and more, Rehnquist's love of precedent immures him in liberal precedents, and his love of democracy persuades him to tolerate offenses against the Constitution that have been blessed by a sleeping legislature.
Initially, isolation may immure one from "the madness" of the herd, but ultimately it immures one from all the exceptional evidence.
The experience of reading the narrative, then, teaches the very dangerous lesson that Stuart learns as he immures himself in Manhattan On-Line and that Jan learns as she buries herself at her apartment desk--the seductive narcotic of information.
Chief among these are Frantz Fanon's Black Skins, White Masks (1952), George Lamming's The Pleasures of Exile (1960), and Edward Brathwaite's The Development of Creole Society in Jamaica (1971) and Contradictory Omens (1974) (7) In a review of Naipaul's The Enigma of Arrival, Derek Walcott makes a point that is equally applicable here: "There is the real enigma: that the provincial, the colonial, can never civilize himself beyond his province, no matter how deeply he immures himself in the woods of a villa outside Rome or in the leafy lanes of Edwardian England.