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IMMUTABLE. What cannot be removed, what is unchangeable. The laws of God being perfect, are immutable, but no human law can be so considered.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As this data gets securely and immutably stored on Blockchain, it can be mined for pattern recognition and predictions.
Referenda are always immutably advisory and legally non-binding on parliament.
In the longer view of a species' trajectory, there is no such thing as an immutably perfect match between organism and environment, because both change constantly.
My hope is that the present essay, in which God is seen as immutably mutable and as the greatest conceivable being who everlastingly becomes, helps to remedy this imbalance.
The law of competition in business controls business relations as immutably as the law of gravitation controls matter.
Orebits provides asset-digitization services for owners of unrefined commodity reserves into smart certificates called "orebits." Each transaction is immutably recorded using smart contracts managed on a distributed ledger, giving reserve owners liquidity prior to the reserves being refined and sold in the marketplace, while supplying peripheral investors with an instrument of financial leverage and flexibility, previously unavailable in any other form.
Each block is chained to the previous block and immutably recorded across a peer-to-peer network, using cryptographic trust and assurance mechanisms."
(25) This follows from our moral judgements being absolute: we perceive our moral convictions as immutably right; thus those who oppose them are simply wrong.
What I couldn't get over, what stayed me continually, was the irreconcilable trick of looking at someone so vital, so immutably present and exquisitely responsive, and yet so indelibly, utterly gone.
To prevent tampering and other fakery, all test generators and scoring systems should run in a common secure cloud, and all tests and results should be immutably archived there for future validation.
premises are: (1) the long run supply of oil is fixed immutably with no