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However, the use of a normative victim subject can also help to bring to the forefront the extent to which masculine sexuality, as aggressive and desiring, is privileged over feminine sexuality, which is considered to be immutably passive.
Michaelis applied this hypothesis to the sacred language of Hebrew to claim it had not "been immutably maintained throughout history" (p.
Much of the article focuses on the West's reaction to the threat of Islamism and he points out that if, as some claim, the threat is Islam, and that Islamism and Islam are interchangeable, then it would mean that a monolithic Islam and the West are indeed at war, and that the Islamic world and the Western world are immutably hostile entities.
P]erception is not something that is immutably hardwired into the brain.
In the US Army, the Army Ethic is foremost in the foundation of leadership, and that ethic is immutably locked into the laws of our nation.
14) In that case (in which a special use permit was denied by a Texas city to the members of a group home because of the mental disability status of their domicile), the Court asserted that persons with mental disabilities do not constitute a suspect status or, even, a semi-suspect status, largely because this category includes people who are immutably different from other people in terms of demonstrable characteristics and capacities.
As she says, "my cousins saw at length that my mind was really and immutably fixed on making a just division of the property--as they must in their own hearts have felt the equity of the intention.
We do not intend to imply that meaning is a concrete entity somehow encoded immutably in the text and not subject to interpretation by each reader.
Immutably changed, too, are corporate dynamics: today's leading companies understand the importance--and value--of having all departments and minds at the table at the same time.
In commentary for his cable channel, Current TV, Gore said that the electoral college system allows candidates to pay less attention to states that seem certain to break a certain way (Massachusetts, for example, is a sure thing for Democrats, while Kansas is immutably red).
Kemp, who liked to call himself a "bleeding-heart conservative," believed that America is not divided immutably into two static classes, but it is separated into two economies.