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Sparsit, 'my nerves are at present too much shaken, and my health is at present too much impaired, in your service, to admit of my doing more than taking refuge in tears.'
The following arguments are some of the reasons why people who are visually impaired are as capable as their sighted counterparts and are a valuable resource for strong, competitive businesses.
However, this does not have to be the case, if more people were educated and sensitised about the needs of visually impaired people.
Washington, July 17 ( ANI ): A new study has found that people with impaired glucose tolerance-the precursor to Type 2 diabetes-often show impaired cognitive function that may be alleviated through a diet designed specifically for their condition.
This article presents the attitude of lecturers towards the visually impaired students in one of the universities in the Limpopo Province.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Hearing impaired people report facing difficulties in hospitals and other public institutions, such as courts and schools, as there are no staff members able to communicate in sign language available at these agencies.
It is characterized by impaired mobility, increased mortality, and absence of gross lesions that would explain the impaired mobility.
The number of driving episodes impaired by alcohol dropped by 30% from a peak of 161 million in 2006 to 112 million last year, according to the report.
EPA has approved Iowa's 2008 list of impaired waters.
Visually impaired adults were given the opportunity to try their hand at the sport at Tennis World, in Middlesbrough.
"I am a living example of a visually impaired individual who slowly worked his way up; it's not impossible, all it needs is some faith, hope and more community awareness regarding visually impaired people," Ahmad Al Mulla, the Community Relations Manager of Tamkeen, told Gulf News yesterday on the sidelines of the first international forum on technology for visually impaired.
Impaired drivers are responsible for thousands of preventable deaths and injuries in Canada each year.