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Impaired professional programs are specifically designed to cater to professionals and the specific situations that may occur while practicing in the stressful healthcare settings of the 21st century.
It makes some intuitive and perhaps logical sense that impaired professionals need to be "watched," at least for a while, to ensure remediation and rehabilitation efforts are successful.
Following detoxification (which was especially difficult due to a history of seizures and delirium tremens), it was recommended that John undertake long-term residential-type treatment in an impaired professionals program.
One significant difference is that formal methods are used more often by hearing impaired professionals than by hearing professionals seeking employment in general business and that they confront more resistance from employers.
The committee should not be obligated to report its activities to regulatory agencies, but should be able to refer an impaired professional to a formal disciplinary body if the physician refuses necessary treatment and poses a potential danger to patients.
What help should we offer an impaired professional in our field?
One month later, she was informed by the nursing board's impaired professional program (IPP) she would have to resubmit to an evaluation of their choosing, with possible additional treatment.
A person who reports or provides in formation to the program concerning an impaired legal professional, including, but not limited to, a person designated to monitor or supervise the course of treatment or rehabilitation of an impaired professional.
Evening speakers will feature Luanne Burke, a visually impaired professional artist; Major David Rozelle, Ironman finisher and the first troop commander to redeploy to the battlefield as an amputee; Colonel Barbara Springer, Chief of Physical Therapy Services at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center; and Karen Darke, the first paraplegic to ski across Greenland's ice cap.