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Nonetheless, the extensive literature on interpersonal influence in general, and on its applicability to counseling and supervision in particular, gives conceptual strength and some modicum of justification to the use of supervision with impaired professionals.
Would we violate confidentiality in reporting an impaired professional if knowledge of the chemical dependency arose in the context of a physician-patient relationship?
Chapter Seven, Comparing the Eras, evaluates the findings of the 1960 and 1982 studies, some of the more significant being: hearing impaired professionals in 1982 working in hearing environments had more co-workers able to communicated with them in sign language; onset of hearing impairment in the 1960 group occurred mostly after age 6 and before age 6 in the 1982 group; doctorates were earned by 6.
Employee assistance programs and impaired professional programs are in a unique position to form an alliance to support proper treatment of health care professionals and ensure their safe return to work.
Hauser says the centers include a methadone program, a high-end residential program, a program that's mainly treating prison diversion clients, and one that is outpatient in orientation and does a great deal of work with impaired professionals.
Secretary of the Department of Regulation and Licensing, Celia Jackson, convened a Task Force in the spring of 2009 to seek input and rec ommendations for improving the Impaired Professionals Procedure Program (IPP).
The Tennessee Professional Assistance Program (TNPAP) upgraded the quantity and quality of both support group facilitators and evaluators, conducted a successful statewide conference that focused on improving the skills of support group facilitators, provided 48 educational presentations to professional schools and hospitals across the state of Tennessee addressing 515 attendees, enhanced data management capabilities on treatment results in order to conduct research on the effectiveness of our monitoring process, and provided services to impaired professionals in Tennessee.
Other activities include working with legislators on health insurance reform and regulators on changes to the patient compensation fund and impaired professionals program.
It is also anticipated that ARS will subsequently offer the protocol to impaired professionals and non-drug court assigned private patients.
She has served as an administrator for several treatment facilities, and she specializes in eating disorders and treatment of impaired professionals.
Received report on the progress of the Secretary's Task Force on Impaired Professionals Procedure Program.
Sucher will be responsible for supervising training and consultative support to Hythiam licensees, leading the development and implementation of quality assurance and best practices programs, developing relationships with treatment programs for impaired professionals, supporting the business development team, and participating as a key member of the company's Clinical Advisory Board.