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Her leg was impaled on a section of iron fence that was lying on the ground.
50pm by a neighbour to assist a young female child who was impaled on metal railings outside of a residential property.
A 30-YEAR-OLD man became impaled on a fence as he ran away from a fight in Coventry.
A DOG had to be cut free after she was impaled on a garden gate after trying to leap over it.
A SCHOOLBOY was taken to hospital after his ankle was impaled on iron railings in Fairfield.
Impaled during baling SHROPSHIRE farmer Graham Heatley was moving bales on his unit near Ellesmere when he climbed out of his tractor to cut the wrap.
FIRE crews used hydraulic cutting equipment to free a boy after he impaled his leg on a fence post.
TWO men were left fighting for life when their car crashed yesterday and was impaled on a tree.
A DAY after a six- foot rod impaled a worker, Gurgaon Police Commissioner Alok Mittal has asked the district administration to ensure that builders adhere to safety norms pertaining to labourers at construction sites.
Miguel Martinez, a 14-year-old West Texas boy, was killed after he impaled himself on the horns of one of the bull statues on the Texas Tech University campus during a game of hide-and-seek over the weekend.
A YOUNG boy became impaled on his BMX handlebar after an unlucky fall.
Impaled Existence : Download Festival, Doninton Park, June 8 PROGRESSIVE death metal five-some, Impaled Existence have secured a slot at this year's Download Festival.