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Incidents/Injuries: Wild Planet has received one report of an impalement injury to an 8-year-old girl who landed seat first onto a Jet Streamer left in a swimming pool and received a puncture wound.
Frightened horses have been known to jump over, or even run through, fences, resulting in serious injuries, lacerations, or impalement.
Invitation to tender : Detailed Project Description BKP 112 demolition and dismantling BKP 171 impalement BKP 201 Basement excavation BKP 211 Baumeister BKP 214 timber BKP 230 electric BKP 240 heat generation heat distribution BKP 244 Ventilation BKP 250 sanitary BKP 261 passenger lifts
Hazard: Children can fall or land on these upright dive sticks in shallow water and suffer impalement injuries.
Flesh Feast includes more than 30 different weapons, each with its unique zombie-killing capabilities, such as shredding, decapitation and impalement.
Frightened horses have been known to run through or jump fences, resulting in serious injuries, lacerations, or impalement.
Foundation on rock and GehEnngeablagerungen, partially by impalement.
Beforehand, the GU version, the existing buildings on the building plot dismantled, the excavation and executed the remediation of contaminated sites and the impalement up to and including lean concrete base.
With targeted experiments and simulation we relate the microscopic structure of superamphiphobic layers to their impalement pressure, roll-off angle, mechanical strength and hydrodynamic drag.
Take particular account of all the structural measures to build the underpass while maintaining rail traffic are (temporary bridges, impalement, excavation, gravel holder etc).
While it's easy to dismiss that--hey, the guy thinks impalement is a good way to curb crime
David Cook of St John said the injuries sustained included impalement, spinal and head injuries and fainting.