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Of these, six patients had a wide local excision (WLE) and six patients required localization with a ROLL, for an impalpable lesion.
KEY WORDS: Testes; Undescended testis; Orchidopexy; Impalpable testes.
In India, most cancers are detected in the young (below 50 years), so screening mammography is not the best screening tool to detect impalpable cancer besides the expenses of mammography involved.
An earlier manifesto of 1915 had declared his wish to give form to that which is 'invisible, impalpable, imponderable, imperceptible'.
3 kg nine-month-old boy who was admitted by his parents for an impalpable right testis and phimosis.
The ever-blowing breeze heavily laden with scents of seasonal fruits and floral permeates in an impalpable way through the Hunza valley at the elevation of about 8,200 feet.
Their fate is written in their uncertain faces, the pressure impalpable, creating a tension between endurance and extinction.
His thyroid was impalpable and rest of the physical examination was unremarkable.
The flower brings reconciliation, with the impalpable fleetingness of its gift.
That the poisonous communal wind blowing across India announcing the degeneration of Indian politics that has endorsed the ascendancy of a communal party based on a hate ideology is not impalpable.
Patients with history of hepatic and renal diseases; on steroid use; or with impalpable foot arteries; were excluded.