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Le Brocquy has spoken about the attempt to materialize the immaterial: 'One is trying not merely to imply but to realize by palpable means, in paint, an impalpable thing; that is to say the inner reality of the human presence beyond its merely external appearance.
Y que la comunion sea impalpable, delicada, apenas insinuada en el movimiento de la retina, en el puente que conduce la suavidad de sus ojos a la suavidad de ella" (71).
Despite the momentous difference between Plato and Aristotle in their treatment of sensuous particulars, the claim for substantiality of every possible point, gushing uninhibitedly from the argument, strikes us as something entirely impalpable in the context of the Platonic-Aristotelian tradition.
It reflects women engaging with the plight of poverty, estrangement, prejudice, oppressive traditions, the holocaust, a child's loss, corruption in academia, racism and the impalpable nature of music.
Now I know words are experience," he concludes, and, as in the impalpable world of a computer interface, "there's nothing but what's said about the thing, / there are no things but words / about the things.
If on the other hand, a society is fashioned by principles which evolved from the impalpable, its particles then flare by higher option, the notion of the clannish would absorb itself into another mode of prismatics.
Indeed, it is precisely the surrounding and absorbing luminosity of the Adriatic Sea that is the source of the artist's blues and pinks, similar to Tiepolo's Venetian tones--atmospheric, impalpable colors.
Die bundel se titel gee besondere prominensie aan die gegewe van die foto terwyl die motto wat gehaal is uit Roland Barthes se Camera Lucida die aandag vestig op die kyker se verhouding met die foto waarna gekyk word: "A sort of umbilical cord links the body of the photographed thing to my gaze: light, though impalpable, is here a carnal medium, a skin I share with anyone who has been photographed.
And not to forget, apart from the economic boom, there are impalpable benefits as proclaimed by the BIE that is to educate the people and bring cultural relations and diplomacy between the host countries and participating countries and UAE with multilingual, multicultural, multinational nation is the right platform to serve the core object of hosting the Expo," the CBRE report said.
Violent actions by spectators can be decreased by impalpable control, palpable presence of the police and agents, and psychological practices.
occurrences which stop us dead as though by some impalpable intervention, like a sheet of glass through which we watch all subsequent events transpire as though in a soundless vacuum .
Cannulation of the impalpable section of radial artery: preliminary clinical and ultrasound observations.