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Disflamoll phosphate esters are used to impart flame retardance and flexibility to plasticized vinyls.
Given the current job market environment for the fresh graduates from computer science and management information systems programs, it is of paramount significance that the hands-on components of advanced computing courses impart real-life experiences to students enrolled in these courses.
Caragold(R) was originally developed by Dairy Crest Ingredients as a time-saving and simplified route for producing the flavour that milk chocolate crumb imparts to milk chocolate without using the crumb process.
In addition to performing simultaneous searching, Impart offers several modes of searching that accommodate the needs of the novice searcher as well as the more sophisticated searcher.
In the end, this coffee-table book imparts an impression of every one of Ando's works but it does not leave the reader breathless with the pure pleasure experienced when visiting any one of these buildings.
Have development been compulsory with English language, Paint-shirt is mandatory for development, or all these are not possible in Shalwar-Qameez, they asked questions and added, Either development countries impart education to their children in English, Is it not so, that we feel in inferiority complex.
I think what is important is we must ensure that the institutions impart quality education as well as impart the right values.
Over the past decade, the scientific community has turned up conflicting evidence regarding whether cigarettes impart a greater risk of lung cancer to women than to men.
Mills use them in combinations with starch and retention aids to impart a variety of retention, drainage, strength, formation, and runnability benefits.
Engineered to impart high flow properties, the XL9000 series is said to fill complex and intricate molds easily, and is said to have excellent surface aesthetics.