impart knowledge

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Implementation of a measure to advise and / or impart knowledge and skills to full-time self-employed persons entitled to work according to art.
On the first note, which is to bring awareness to people, public messages should counsel people on opting for their children to get vaccinated as well as impart knowledge on how the poliovirus spreads.
He said that the calibre and morale of SU teachers was unquestionable and that the teachers were putting their best efforts to impart knowledge.
This will also impart knowledge on how to lead in uncertain and complex situations.
Carrying this year's mission of transforming the skills of every Filipino developer to a world-class talent, GDG Philippines invited experts in Android, Web, and Cloud technologies to impart knowledge to our participants in a series of workshops and sessions.
Teachers impart knowledge to students and empower them, and are our nation has a warm tradition of Guru-shishya parampara," he said.
The theatre is an ideal platform to impart knowledge and values to children through interaction, in addition to many elements that make them creative and talented," he added.
The use of e-learning and smart tools in education and different approaches used across the globe to impart knowledge were also discussed.
Local non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations proposed future collaboration with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, especially in the field of mineral certification, international exhibitions and seminars to impart knowledge and skills to rural farmers.
Aghi reveals that research on pictorial warnings conducted anywhere have shown that they impart knowledge and motivation due to which the decision to use the tobacco products gets modified.
Mobilink Foundation continues to work in the areas of education, environment and health to raise awareness, impart knowledge and contribute positively towards growth of the communities it operates within.
A training session to impart knowledge about advanced techniques amongst farmers for grape production was organized by United States Agency for International Development (USAID).