impart motion

See: dispatch, impel
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Basically, a good flasher design should impart motion and emit pulses of brilliant light as the sun reflects off the teasers.
The pitman arm rotates to impart motion to the center link and idler arm.
Tie a string to the decoy and pull on it to impart motion to the imposter as the bruin approaches.
2) On the one hand, Genequand fairly consistently and correctly translates tahrik as "to impart motion," although occasionally he translates it as "to move," understood transitively.
The pump's inlet pressure must be low enough that the pumping arrays--rotors/stators in a turbo pump or drums or discs in a drag pump--can impart motion to the gas molecules to be pumped.
A chain and sprocket off the winder drive is usually all that's required to impart motion to the traverser, Spence said.
If some moving object struck another object at rest, it might well impart motion to the second object.