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8220;When in training to walk in the Glory, automatically a greater revelation of God's love, you will surface, causing a personal impact and impartation of God's transformational power.
The impartation of real faith hinges upon the faithful father conforming himself to the ideal of love--to becoming all that Judah's earlier love quote dictates.
Supervised Agricultural Credit Programme which in fact ensure both impartation of technical advice and door step credit service needs to be envisaged, where there is large concentration of such allottees of katcha land.
The advancement of timely loans equipped with supply of development ingredients and impartation of technical know-how which are prerequisites of a supervised credit programme need to be implemented.
Impartation of education in accordance with the present-day requirements is the need of the hour, he added.
She is anointed to bring spiritual, physical and mental healing, restoration, and liberation to those that are bound through deliverance, impartation and healing ministry.
This also spells doom to the 21st century process of teaching and learning in the tertiary institutions as those who impact knowledge to the students openly shun the modern techniques of the acquisition and impartation of knowledge.
The authentic testimonies provide the reader with examples of, impartation, preaching, healing, and prophecy.
In this study, the most important organoleptic factor was probably the impartation of polyester taste in the water samples arising probably from leaching of chemicals into the water.
Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Science of Mind, wrote, "Love is the impartation of the divine through the human experience.
c) Impartation of education of tax regulations amongst the exporters and the tax officials.