impartial justice

See: equity, justice
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A judiciary reflecting the wider society affected by its decisions fosters public confidence in the accessibility of an impartial justice system and reflects equality of opportunity within that system.
The justices of the Supreme Court - with their extensive knowledge and experience in the intricacies of law and the demands of rendering swift and impartial justice - are in the best position to separate the chaff from the grain.
Perhaps not, as it's generally believed that the whites administered impartial justice to all.
Despite all these, we trust that the Ombudsman will be fair and render impartial justice.
It is not an impartial justice system in a democratic state that punishes those who commit crimes.
Thomas Jefferson wrote that the most sacred of the duties of a government is to do equal and impartial justice to all of its citizens, and justice under our Constitution is largely the province of the judicial branch," Lawson said.
If a Jew and a non-Jew are parties to a lawsuit, I take it for granted that they will go before a government court and receive impartial justice.
The complainant, who was homeless at the time, bravely came to Camp's court seeking impartial justice, but she said his remarks caused her to hate herself.
Nevertheless they include multiple homicides, false accusations, ethnic conflicts, feeble enforcement of the law, and a nearly total failure to carry out impartial justice, within a narrative setting.
He said he believes retired judges can also deliver honest and impartial justice but regrettably these judges were targeted by the opposition and no former Chief Justice was ready to head the commission in a polluted environment.
It is the bedrock principle of a fair and impartial justice system.
The investigation of the cases surrounding and arising from the content of the unauthorized interception of communications, and subsequent court cases should help rebuild the trust of citizens in the rule of law and in a well-functioning and impartial justice system.