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No one who knows me will doubt that the duty thus self-imposed will be executed to the best of my ability, with all that rigid impartiality, all that cautious examination into facts, and diligent collation of authorities, which should ever distinguish him who aspires to the title of historian.
Thus, with a painful impartiality, did the young man make out the case for Beaufort, and for Beaufort's victim.
The centuries, the revolutions, which at least devastate with impartiality and grandeur, have been joined by a cloud of school architects, licensed, sworn, and bound by oath; defacing with the discernment and choice of bad taste, substituting the
The great black lions of the forest fed with almost equal impartiality upon the flesh of the grass-eaters and man.
The latest developments, including the sacking of police chiefs and the instructions to police to inform authorities on investigations, raise serious concerns as regards the independence, efficiency and impartiality of the investigations and the separation of powers.
The corporation has jettisoned more than 80 years of impartiality for the electoral convenience of the Londonbased parties.
Presence of prominent criminal agency head at the crime scene raises concerns of impartiality.
A number of civil society organisations in the north sent a joint letter to Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci on Tuesday asking him to restore the 'presidency's' image of impartiality, following his response to the attack on Afrika daily.
In a holding affirming the ruling of the Wayne Circuit Court, the panel concluded that a trial judges conduct pierces the veil of judicial impartiality and violates a defendants constitutional right to a fair trial when, considering the totality of the circumstances, it is reasonably likely that the judges conduct improperly influenced the jury by creating the appearance of advocacy or partiality against a party.
13 hearing on the motion to re-raffle the cases, Tang pointedly asked the defense panel if they were questioning the court's impartiality.
Hirose argues that Y is, by Impartiality, equally as good as X, and that Z is, by Pareto, better than Y, and, therefore, Z is better than X--hence the duty to save the greater number.
It led to two complaints that he breached guidelines on impartiality and conflicts of interest.