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Their impassability in love, in crime, in mirth, in sorrow,--is heroic, superhuman, fascinating.
with its black and white and shades of grey and its lean hip type, does more to approach the stylish impassability of James Dean than anything on the pages within.
A retraction and dissolution of exchange is envisioned, a deepening vacuum-like void of impassability.
In the rainy season, due to road impassability and the high cost of transportation, producers are forced to sell their livestock at low er-than-market prices at the seasonal market of Es Soubagh.
The memoirs of the era show that one of the most common complaints of Russia's road travellers in the eighteenth century was the impassability of the roads in the spring and fall due to floods and thawing.
Although the apparent "problem" of reconciling divine love and impassability can easily be "solved" by denying the attribute of impassibility, the utter mystery of God is illumined only when the two attributes are shown to be not contradictory but complementary.
80) Abe answers that Kung has reverted to the problematic notions of impassability and immutability characteristic of the early church.
The term refers both to the condition of impassability and the times of the year when it is prevalent.