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Since you don't want us to ask about the impasse," he said facing the board members.
So they aren't just things that work in an impasse such as this one; they make the impasse.
Since the cable industry hopes to use blackouts that result from retransmission negotiation failures, NAB has predicted that the CATV will generate impasses and point to them as evidence supporting its case.
Nawaz Sharif on his own has no solution to the impasse.
He said that it is a matter of satisfaction that the entire political leadership has become united for ending this political impasse.
Talks between House Republicans and President Barack Obama were at an impasse and rank-and-file House members headed home.
Impasse over US spending bill could be the breaking point for a political system that has gone from dysfunctional to nonfunctioning
Fisher said the impasse was epitomized by failure to create an electoral commission in 2011, which resulted in no elections held since then.
Circuit, claiming that the NLRB's finding of refusal to bargain was not supported by the evidence, which showed the two parties were at an impasse.
19 (Saba) - President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi said on Wednesday that the Yemeni businessmen has part of the responsibility to help the country to tackle its economic impasse.
Asked to elaborate on reasons for stalling the Airbus order, Al Baker, said: "We have reached an impasse with them [Airbus].
Pretoria, Oct 19 (ANI): Leaders of India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) have expressed serious concern over the ongoing impasse in WTO negotiations.