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En mai 2011, le Premier ministre israelien infligeait un camouflet a son hote dans le Bureau ovale, rejetant sur un ton doctoral, devant les cameras et face a un Barack Obama impassible, sa proposition d'un Etat palestinien sur la base des lignes d'armistice de 1967.
The situation in north-eastern Bulgaria has remained complicated due to low temperatures, snow drifts and ice, with some roads impassible.
BLACK: Roads generally impassible due to landslides, washouts, ice, etc.
Most terrorist groups establish their strongholds and headquarters in the terrain which is relatively inhospitable and impassible for the land forces.
In 1990, an early study on the West Eugene Parkway predicted West 11th would be impassible by 1996 without the parkway, and then in 1997 further predicted the same scenario by 2015 if the WEP was not built.
The rain has made the 3 km long road impassible for cars.
With the streets almost impassible, the Iraqi government has declared a week-long holiday for government offices and schools.
Some courses throw other impassible hazards at you as well, placing them in the worst, most unavoidable spots to spur maximum vehicular annihilation.
In North Carolina, authorities reported storm surge flooding along some waterways, impassible roads and up to a foot of rain in some areas.
Tory Warwick district councillor Dave Shilton said its backlog of recycling and non-recyclable food waste was cleared by Tuesday, after recycling rounds were suspended before Christmas when snow made many roads impassible.
Jodie Jones, 22, had to wait six hours for an ambulance and was then forced to tackle the treacherous conditions on foot because her snow-packed road was impassible.
The village's smaller streets and pavements haven't been gritted and locals say the roads are almost impassible.