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Very unlucky after getting boxed in the Poule d'Essai des Pouliches (Groupe 1) in the latter stages, Mohamed bin Fahad al-Attiyah's Mission Impassible put the wrongs to right by landing the Prix de Sandringham (Group 2) at Chantilly on Sunday.
FURTHER to David Williams' letter regarding parking at St Andrew's, I fully agree with him as cars are parked on double yellow lines, on pavements which are impassible for pedestrians, for hours on end and nothing to do with football fans.
Since God is entirely actual and impassible, therefore, one might suppose (with Thomas Aquinas) that there is no passive potency in God.
As railroads knitted together North America in the 19th century, they ran into an insidious challenge: deep snow in high mountain passes and the northern Great Plains could render railways impassible.
Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva said many roads were impassible and urged people to stay home, warning on the island's Emergency Broadcast Station that motorists would be turned back.
by Azizullah Hamdard on 2 April, 2014 - 17:26 KABUL (Pajhwok): The Afghan Air Force (F) has airlifted election staff and materials to 39 of the 45 impassible districts, an official said on Wednesday -- three days ahead of the landmark vote.
More than 6,900 people were trapped in small communities cut off by snow-blocked roads and railway lines, the Yomiuri said, while gasoline deliveries to some petrol stations were delayed due to impassible roads.
Torrential rainfall has affected many rural areas displacing people from their homes and causing destruction of homes, floods and impassible roads.
The other issue compounding the problem is the flooding of the north part of Elm, leaving the lane covered with water and impassible, he said.
En mai 2011, le Premier ministre israelien infligeait un camouflet a son hote dans le Bureau ovale, rejetant sur un ton doctoral, devant les cameras et face a un Barack Obama impassible, sa proposition d'un Etat palestinien sur la base des lignes d'armistice de 1967.
The situation in north-eastern Bulgaria has remained complicated due to low temperatures, snow drifts and ice, with some roads impassible.
BLACK: Roads generally impassible due to landslides, washouts, ice, etc.