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It was some check upon their transport to find in this person an entire stranger, but they appealed to him, nevertheless, and besought him, in impassioned language, to restore them to their friends.
And thorny crown of this sad conception was that she whom he really did prefer in a cursory way to the rest, she who knew herself to be more impassioned in nature, cleverer, more beautiful than they, was in the eyes of propriety far less worthy of him than the homelier ones whom he ignored.
Capoul's impassioned wooing, and affected a guileless incomprehension of his designs whenever, by word or glance, he persuasively indicated the ground floor window of the neat brick villa projecting obliquely from the right wing.
4pm: I want my look to last as long as possible so I take Pablo's advice and drink delicately out of plastic straws to retain my statement Impassioned raspberry red lips.
uk/locator Waterproof, PS18; Lipstick in Impassioned, PS15; all available at www.
PRESIDENT Barack Obama has delivered an impassioned appeal for Israel to recognise that compromise will be necessary to achieve its lasting security.
GORDON Brown was making an impassioned plea to other world leaders to reach a global climate change deal today after another day of bureaucratic wrangling left the Copenhagen summit "in grave danger" of failure.
Granted, that doesn't sound very funny, but Maria Maggenti's "Puccini for Beginners" is a mostly agreeable comedy of the screwball sort, enlivened by some good acting, smart dialogue and an impassioned desire to stretch viewers' notions of lesbian love beyond what they see on "Desperate Housewives.
Alexander Peskanov writes beautifully in a wide variety of styles and moods; the pieces range from lyrical to upbeat to dynamic and impassioned.
Toren's impassioned semi-voiced reading is very good, especially when she is reading women's speeches.
The film's subject and born-again Renaissance man Christian Hosoi called down the blessings in a speech that was as impassioned as it was lengthy.
Eleven current students and four alumni made up the accomplished cast, whose impassioned performances inspired a prolonged ovation from the crowded house.